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Coincidence Does Not Compute

Additions to the list in Italics.

Noticed something as I was looking at the list of the non-Dane County list of schools shutdown by “Sickout” Actions.  There is a coordinated message in who’s shutdown.

Here’s the list of shutdown schools because of teacher “sickouts.”  Non-Dane County Districts in Bold.

Alma Center


Beaver Dam

Blair Taylor

Cochrane – Fountain City

De Forest


Edgerton (Mostly in Rock County, but a portion is in Dane)


Glendale / River Hills





Juda (Green County)

La Crosse







Mineral Point

Monona Grove

Mount Horeb



Racine United




River Valley

Sauk Prairie (Been told it’s half in Dane)


Sun Prairie




West Salem

Interesting list huh?

Beaver Dam and Watertown are direct shots at the Fitzgerald brothers — Jeff and Scott — who “just happen” to be the State Assembly Speaker and State Senate Majority Leader.

Meanwhile, Dodgeville, Reedsburg, Richland, Riverdale, River Valley, Sauk Prairie, and Mineral Point are in the 17th State Senate District; think that’s a message to State Senator Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center).

Can’t get any clearer that Racine United is a message to State Senator Van Wanggaard (R-Racine)

And, seriously, could they not hide Glendale / River Hills as a way to go after State Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills), co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee?

La Crosse and West Salem…home to both State Senator Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse), and Mike Huebsch, the former State Assembly Speaker (R-West Salem) and now Walker’s Secretary of Administration.  He will have direct oversight of how the Budget Repair Bill will be enforced.

The only schools beyond the Dane County schools — which are probably needed to fill the state capitol in Madison — not fitting this pattern are Alma Center, Trempealeau, and other districts south of Eau Claire and near Black River Falls.  They’re represented by State Senator Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma) in the 31st State Senate District.

Make no mistake, this is an organized list by WEAC and their local affiliates to scare important Republican State Senators or those said to be on the fence like Schultz and Wanggaard.

Perhaps its time WEAC changed its motto from “Great Schools” to “Empty the Schools.”

Maybe they can introduce the change during their traditional big ad push during the state boys and girls basketball tournaments which take place over two weekends next month.

UPDATE: Welcome new readers.  I’m rounding up any other schools I may have missed.  Haven’t seen any schools effected in the Green Bay area yet.

UPDATE II: Found a list from the Eau Claire and La Crosse area.  Also, there is some very dense fog in some areas of  the state, some schools are issuing delays because of safety concerns for buses.

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  • catbender

    River Valley does not cross into Dane County.

  • Anonymous

    Edited and corrected.

  • catbender

    you were quick too! 🙂

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  • Bill

    Taking a minor child off campus for a demonstration without parental permission is called KIDNAPPING!

  • Anonymous

    using children for political gain in indoctrination, courtesy of your teachers union

  • Read & Check it out!

    OK, as I see it….Walker came into office when there was a surplus of 121.4 million in our coffers per a memo of 1/31/11 Fiscal Bureau report. He and the senate pass a 140 million dollar special interest bill after this. WHY pass a bill for more than what we have? Could I write a check for more than in my checkbook and have the citizens of Wisconsin cash it for me? Let me know where I can send it! Another thing I can’t figure out from watching and listening to all of this goings on….if the employees are WILLING to concede to paying more for their health care benefits and retirement, let’s sign the contracts and go back to work! Why are we worrying about not allowing them to have a union? Lots of private and other public employers have them – so why cant’ they have theirs and everyone can go back to school and back to work so Wisconsin can go F O R W A R D! Let’s also keep an eye on these bills and see how they’re affecting the bottom line. Just who got the 140 million……look at http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lfb/Misc/2011_01_31Vox&Darling.pdf and you’ll see some of the money went to a state economic development fund that still has $73 million in it due to a lack of job creation. This site will show where else it has gone and what little good all that money will do any of us in Wisconsin. I couldn’t believe it when I look the site up….check it out! Let them sign the union contracts, keep the money the employees are willing to pay for the benefits, and get back to work! Also look at http://asheham.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/gov-walker-another-koch-brothers-made-man/ which is another site offered by someone that I did go to and was surprised at how we may be getting manipulated all in the name of darn politics. Check it out first as I’m glad I did.

  • Anonymous


    Quit getting your news from One Wisconsin Now, Ezra Klein and Maddow. They’re all wrong.


    Hey, what’s everyone’s thought on the latest telephone call? You all know the one I’m referring to. Now we will see the Ethics Board in action, eh? Gee, reading the above posts makes me chuckle……what school is going out next so to protest against their senators…..I think it is good planning if that is what it is….then again……on the snow days, the schools that closed – that must have been as protest too, eh? Mother Nature’s protest against all the nonsense being done in Wisconsin. The governor proved in his phone call that Wisconsin is being bought by big business. NOW is the time to forget about party lines and see how this budget bill is going to affect WISCONSIN citizens. The power plants are going to be sold for pennies on the dollar and the Koch Brothers or a company associated with them will buy them and have a major conglomerate in Wisconsin. They already own 3 or 4 power plants here now.

    Let’s not forget how it is going to affect BadgerCare, SeniorCare and Medicaid. Currently these programs cannot be changed without the citizen input to the legislators and senators. If this bill passes, it gives the Department Secretary I believe the power to change how the programs are operated. All Department Secretaries are appointed by the governor! The governor was quoted on tv the other day that BadgerCare is only to be considered a temporary coverage for people, never a long term need. What??? So the folks who have lost their jobs-what are they suppose to use? The governor is currently threatening to remove people from these programs as a way to get senators to return to Wisconsin. He’s also threatening to lay off teachers (and how will that help our kids?). Yet numerous sources have stated that with the concessions from the state workers alone – we have enough to keep these programs afloat. Those furlough days (16) that the state employees did last year also helped keep the budget balanced. Also kept from getting our taxes increased.

    What a mess this governor is making of our state. The budget bill passed the assembly last night without any changes. Yet, 4 republicans did change their vote after realizing what was going on and the possible corruption between Walker and the Koch Brothers.

    Wisconsin needs to rewrite the budget bill with OUR input! We need to contact our representatives and senators. Quite worry about what schools are being used as protests- DO YOUR OWN PROTESTS! Read the bill if you don’t believe what I’m writing. READ IT! The power plants are to be sold with a clause that states it can be a NO-BID sale and we’ll never have a say in who purchases it except for the governor. READ THE BILL! PROTEST! Medicaid and SeniorCare also covers a lot of folks who are in nursing homes and hospitals! WRITE! EMAIL! Local communities are protesting – get in line and yell! YOUR VOICES NEED TO BE HEARD! Let’s rewrite this bill!