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Coincidence Does Not Compute

Addi­tions to the list in Ital­ics.

Noticed some­thing as I was look­ing at the list of the non-Dane County list of schools shut­down by “Sick­out” Actions.  There is a coor­di­nated mes­sage in who’s shutdown.

Here’s the list of shut­down schools because of teacher “sick­outs.”  Non-Dane County Dis­tricts in Bold.

Alma Cen­ter


Beaver Dam

Blair Tay­lor

Cochrane — Foun­tain City

De For­est


Edger­ton (Mostly in Rock County, but a por­tion is in Dane)


Glen­dale / River Hills





Juda (Green County)

La Crosse







Min­eral Point

Monona Grove

Mount Horeb



Racine United




River Val­ley

Sauk Prairie (Been told it’s half in Dane)


Sun Prairie




West Salem

Inter­est­ing list huh?

Beaver Dam and Water­town are direct shots at the Fitzger­ald broth­ers — Jeff and Scott — who “just hap­pen” to be the State Assem­bly Speaker and State Sen­ate Major­ity Leader.

Mean­while, Dodgeville, Reeds­burg, Rich­land, Riverdale, River Val­ley, Sauk Prairie, and Min­eral Point are in the 17th State Sen­ate Dis­trict; think that’s a mes­sage to State Sen­a­tor Dale Schultz (R-Richland Center).

Can’t get any clearer that Racine United is a mes­sage to State Sen­a­tor Van Wang­gaard (R-Racine)

And, seri­ously, could they not hide Glen­dale / River Hills as a way to go after State Sen­a­tor Alberta Dar­ling (R-River Hills), co-chair of the Joint Finance Committee?

La Crosse and West Salem…home to both State Sen­a­tor Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse), and Mike Hueb­sch, the for­mer State Assem­bly Speaker (R-West Salem) and now Walker’s Sec­re­tary of Admin­is­tra­tion.  He will have direct over­sight of how the Bud­get Repair Bill will be enforced.

The only schools beyond the Dane County schools — which are prob­a­bly needed to fill the state capi­tol in Madi­son — not fit­ting this pat­tern are Alma Cen­ter, Trem­pealeau, and other dis­tricts south of Eau Claire and near Black River Falls.  They’re rep­re­sented by State Sen­a­tor Kath­leen Vine­hout (D-Alma) in the 31st State Sen­ate District.

Make no mis­take, this is an orga­nized list by WEAC and their local affil­i­ates to scare impor­tant Repub­li­can State Sen­a­tors or those said to be on the fence like Schultz and Wanggaard.

Per­haps its time WEAC changed its motto from “Great Schools” to “Empty the Schools.”

Maybe they can intro­duce the change dur­ing their tra­di­tional big ad push dur­ing the state boys and girls bas­ket­ball tour­na­ments which take place over two week­ends next month.

UPDATE: Wel­come new read­ers.  I’m round­ing up any other schools I may have missed.  Haven’t seen any schools effected in the Green Bay area yet.

UPDATE II: Found a list from the Eau Claire and La Crosse area.  Also, there is some very dense fog in some areas of  the state, some schools are issu­ing delays because of safety con­cerns for buses.

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  • cat­ben­der

    River Val­ley does not cross into Dane County.

  • Anony­mous

    Edited and corrected.

  • cat­ben­der

    you were quick too! :)

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  • Bill

    Tak­ing a minor child off cam­pus for a demon­stra­tion with­out parental per­mis­sion is called KIDNAPPING!

  • Anony­mous

    using chil­dren for polit­i­cal gain in indoc­tri­na­tion, cour­tesy of your teach­ers union

  • Read & Check it out!

    OK, as I see it.…Walker came into office when there was a sur­plus of 121.4 mil­lion in our cof­fers per a memo of 1/31/11 Fis­cal Bureau report. He and the sen­ate pass a 140 mil­lion dol­lar spe­cial inter­est bill after this. WHY pass a bill for more than what we have? Could I write a check for more than in my check­book and have the cit­i­zens of Wis­con­sin cash it for me? Let me know where I can send it! Another thing I can’t fig­ure out from watch­ing and lis­ten­ing to all of this goings on.…if the employ­ees are WILLING to con­cede to pay­ing more for their health care ben­e­fits and retire­ment, let’s sign the con­tracts and go back to work! Why are we wor­ry­ing about not allow­ing them to have a union? Lots of pri­vate and other pub­lic employ­ers have them — so why cant’ they have theirs and every­one can go back to school and back to work so Wis­con­sin can go F O R W A R D! Let’s also keep an eye on these bills and see how they’re affect­ing the bot­tom line. Just who got the 140 million.…..look at http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lfb/Misc/2011_01_31Vox&Darling.pdf and you’ll see some of the money went to a state eco­nomic devel­op­ment fund that still has $73 mil­lion in it due to a lack of job cre­ation. This site will show where else it has gone and what lit­tle good all that money will do any of us in Wis­con­sin. I couldn’t believe it when I look the site up.…check it out! Let them sign the union con­tracts, keep the money the employ­ees are will­ing to pay for the ben­e­fits, and get back to work! Also look at http://asheham.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/gov-walker-another-koch-brothers-made-man/ which is another site offered by some­one that I did go to and was sur­prised at how we may be get­ting manip­u­lated all in the name of darn pol­i­tics. Check it out first as I’m glad I did.

  • Anony­mous


    Quit get­ting your news from One Wis­con­sin Now, Ezra Klein and Mad­dow. They’re all wrong.


    Hey, what’s everyone’s thought on the lat­est tele­phone call? You all know the one I’m refer­ring to. Now we will see the Ethics Board in action, eh? Gee, read­ing the above posts makes me chuckle.…..what school is going out next so to protest against their senators.….I think it is good plan­ning if that is what it is.…then again.…..on the snow days, the schools that closed — that must have been as protest too, eh? Mother Nature’s protest against all the non­sense being done in Wis­con­sin. The gov­er­nor proved in his phone call that Wis­con­sin is being bought by big busi­ness. NOW is the time to for­get about party lines and see how this bud­get bill is going to affect WISCONSIN cit­i­zens. The power plants are going to be sold for pen­nies on the dol­lar and the Koch Broth­ers or a com­pany asso­ci­ated with them will buy them and have a major con­glom­er­ate in Wis­con­sin. They already own 3 or 4 power plants here now.

    Let’s not for­get how it is going to affect Bad­ger­Care, Senior­Care and Med­ic­aid. Cur­rently these pro­grams can­not be changed with­out the cit­i­zen input to the leg­is­la­tors and sen­a­tors. If this bill passes, it gives the Depart­ment Sec­re­tary I believe the power to change how the pro­grams are oper­ated. All Depart­ment Sec­re­taries are appointed by the gov­er­nor! The gov­er­nor was quoted on tv the other day that Bad­ger­Care is only to be con­sid­ered a tem­po­rary cov­er­age for peo­ple, never a long term need. What??? So the folks who have lost their jobs-what are they sup­pose to use? The gov­er­nor is cur­rently threat­en­ing to remove peo­ple from these pro­grams as a way to get sen­a­tors to return to Wis­con­sin. He’s also threat­en­ing to lay off teach­ers (and how will that help our kids?). Yet numer­ous sources have stated that with the con­ces­sions from the state work­ers alone — we have enough to keep these pro­grams afloat. Those fur­lough days (16) that the state employ­ees did last year also helped keep the bud­get bal­anced. Also kept from get­ting our taxes increased.

    What a mess this gov­er­nor is mak­ing of our state. The bud­get bill passed the assem­bly last night with­out any changes. Yet, 4 repub­li­cans did change their vote after real­iz­ing what was going on and the pos­si­ble cor­rup­tion between Walker and the Koch Brothers.

    Wis­con­sin needs to rewrite the bud­get bill with OUR input! We need to con­tact our rep­re­sen­ta­tives and sen­a­tors. Quite worry about what schools are being used as protests– DO YOUR OWN PROTESTS! Read the bill if you don’t believe what I’m writ­ing. READ IT! The power plants are to be sold with a clause that states it can be a NO-BID sale and we’ll never have a say in who pur­chases it except for the gov­er­nor. READ THE BILL! PROTEST! Med­ic­aid and Senior­Care also cov­ers a lot of folks who are in nurs­ing homes and hos­pi­tals! WRITE! EMAIL! Local com­mu­ni­ties are protest­ing — get in line and yell! YOUR VOICES NEED TO BE HEARD! Let’s rewrite this bill!