The Latest Chapter in the Saga of “Segway Boy”

What is most amaz­ing about this one, has to be a pretty sim­ple fact:


A well-known Capi­tol pro­tester was charged Wednes­day with receiv­ing stolen prop­erty for allegedly keep­ing a State Capi­tol police officer’s jacket, which he said he wore for friends as a joke.

The mother of Jeremy J. “Seg­way” Ryan, 24, of Madi­son, found the jacket in Octo­ber while she was clean­ing out Ryan’s apart­ment at 515 State St., accord­ing to a crim­i­nal com­plaint filed in Dane County Cir­cuit Court.

The jacket belonged to Offi­cer Tammy Torsten­son, who said she had taken off her jacket dur­ing protests at the Capi­tol and put it behind her work sta­tion but later found that it was miss­ing, accord­ing to the complaint.

The com­plaint does not state how the jacket came to be in Ryan’s possession.

As the story clearly states, Ryan’s mother was the one who found the jacket, so it leads one to believe that she’s the one who called the cops to inform them about it.  Since clearly, young Jeremy was more than happy to keep it as a “prize” and use it as a con­ver­sa­tion piece.

Boy…one won­ders the type of inter­view you’d get from “Seg­way Mom” about the type of child she’s unleashed upon the world. What does she think about his com­plete lack of respect for those in author­ity, total dis­re­gard for per­sonal respon­si­bil­ity, and what she thinks of her son’s actions and career choices in general.

Sadly, some­thing tells me you’d get an all-too com­mon, rather ordi­nary and often repeated “Only in Madi­son” story.

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