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Quote of the Day

From FoxPolitics.net, a businessman who attended a discussion Rep. Steve Kagen, MD (D-Appleton) held last week on the effects of the health care bill on small businesses.  (Reports from Fox 11 on Green Bay show it was not the event Kagen’s ego — or the state AP which just rehashed Kagen’s press release — made it out to be.)

Kagen has crossed the Rubicon. He’s helpless. He’s useless.

Some points from the meeting:

  • “If you are keeping score, it’s Kagen 3, Pelosi 0.” That line drew groans. And laughter from a couple.
  • CBO estimates are accurate according to Rep. Kagen. When pressed he just said, “we didn’t cook the books”. Uh huh. Right.
  • They are creating a marketplace for healthcare. Creating a marketplace? Jeebus.
  • Kept talking about transparency. WOW.
  • People that attended – all 12 of us were very unhappy about the information about the meeting. I found out at 8:30am today and most people found out Friday afternoon. When we asked Craig [Moser, Kagen’s in-state “Constituent Services Director], he said, “It’s in the paper today.” Dumb.
  • The good doctor was 25 minutes late for the meeting.
  • “Your health relies on your neighbor’s health”. He talked of limiting body mass index. I kid you not.

I am objective (or at least try to be) – all I see from this man is arrogance and lies. He has gone from representing the 8th congressional district to just another hack politician who represents the Democratic Party. He has no interest in debate. I don’t even think he believes what he says. Very contentious … once again.

‘Kagen 3, Pelosi 0?’  Note to self: See if I still have that Heller cartoon from 2007.  You know, the one with Kagen sporting the big head.

One thing I keep wondering; especially with the non-stop help the Cap Times seems to be giving Kagen in adoring editorials, Nichols columns, and sudden attacks on Rep. Roger Roth (R-Grand Chute), is when will John Nichols write the one thing everyone who’s watched the 8th CD dynamic for these past five years knows: The only way Steve Kagen wins, is if John Gard is running.

It was easy for Kagen to vilify Gard the past two cycles.  John’s may be a great guy, a good friend, and a wonderful family man, but his political career was a walking cliche.  Hell; I’m half wondering when our side does the same the Left did to Gard to Tom “Call Me Thomas” Nelson.  That guy is just, just…wow…

Kagen won’t have that help this time around.  Oh, he’s trying to turn Roth (through the Cap Times) into this cycle’s Gard for him if you believe the Kagen Campaign blog.  I’m sure he’ll do the same if Reid Ribble or Marc Trager win as well.  It’s the Kagen campaign M.O.; so full of projection and lies you wonder if even the reporters covering it believe them anymore.

(Really need to ask that of the N.E. Wisconsin reporters I communicate with on Twitter about that…)

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Nelson Running for Lt. Governor

Two thoughts:

1) This could make for what could be a straight-out switch between the two parties for the 5th and 80th Assembly Districts; ironic since both parties would lose them because the current office holder is running for Lt. Governor.

2) The announcement is said to be in two weeks, but will Nelson do it after another night camped out in the Assembly?

State Rep. Thomas Nelson (D-Kaukauna) has filed papers with the Government Accountability Board to run as a candidate for Lt. Governor in the fall election.

Nelson served as the Assembly Majority Leader in the last legislative session which adjourned late last week. He has served in the legislature since 2005.

Nelson told Channel 5 News he plans to make a formal announcement in two weeks and is building his campaign organization.

Nelson will face three democrats in a September primary. G. Spencer Coggs, Henry Sanders and James Schneider are vying for the spot. Anthony Zielinski of Milwaukee dropped out of the race Tuesday and endorsed Nelson.

Republicans Ben Collins, Brett Davis, Rebecca Kleefisch and Dave Ross are also running.

Nelson’s entrance makes him the only Democrat running for Lt. Governor from Northeast Wisconsin.

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Nelson to Run for Lt. Governor(?)

Rumor reported by the Journal Sentinel is that Assembly Majority Leader Tom “Call me Thomas” Nelson (D-Kaukauna) is going to bolt on the Assembly and run for Lt. Governor instead.  Nelson’s entry not only would make him the fourth entrant in the Democratic primary for Lt. Governor; he’d also be the first entrant in that race who’s not from either the Madison or Milwaukee area.

Assembly Majority Leader Thomas Nelson (D-Kaukauna) is expected to get in the race for lieutenant governor — shaking up the race for that job and setting off a contest for the No. 2 position in the Assembly.

It also gives Republicans hope they can capture Nelson’s seat as they plot a course to win the majority in the Assembly.

Nelson did not return calls Friday and Monday, but his colleagues said Nelson started calling them a little over a week ago asking for their support in his run for lieutenant governor.

That means if Nelson runs and Democrats keep the majority after the November elections, they will have to elect a new majority leader.

Possible contenders include Assistant Majority Leader Donna Seidel (D-Wausau); Caucus Chairman Peter Barca (D-Kenosha); Rep. Pedro Colon (D-Milwaukee), who failed in his bid last year for majority leader; and Rep. Joe Parisi (D-Madison), who at the last moment dropped out of the earlier race for majority leader.

As majority leader, Nelson will be in charge of shepherding bills through floor debate as the Legislature spends two weeks wrapping up its regular session this month.

Republicans, who lost control of the 99-member Assembly in the 2008 elections, are hoping to gain four seats and take control of the house. They note that Nelson’s seat was held by a Republican, Becky Weber, before Nelson beat her in 2004.

Traditionally, the 5th Assembly District is a Republican-leaning district.  Nelson won that seat in 2004 in what was one of the dirtiest campaigns for an Assembly seat I ever saw via Northeast Wisconsin television.  He’s been able to hold it by working the district hard and drawing weak opponents in the two Democratic waves of 2006 and 2008.

Most with inside knowledge of the Democratic Caucus vote from earlier last year say Nelson got the Majority Leader’s spot by circumnavigating a fight between the caucus’s Milwaukee and Madison factions.  Word was that the Majority Leader’s position was always going to be Pedro Colon’s until all sorts of havoc broke loose.  What exactly happened is only known to the legislators in the AssDem Caucus (and of course, their staff).

The big speculation is why is Nelson doing this?  Admittedly, everything I’ve seen or heard about this guy is that he’s an ego-driven, ambitious, arrogant, power-hungry prick who’d sell his own grandmother down the river for power; so the idea that the Assembly (and being number 2 there) has bored him isn’t out of the question.  What better way to try to be Governor (or Congressman or Senator down the road) than be the state’s Lt. Governor for a term or two.

Another way to look at this is, as leadership, Nelson could be leaving his caucus high and dry in what could be a bloody Election Night come November.  What’s stranger is early money seemed to be on Waunakee businessman Henry Saunders seemed to be the choice of Democratic activists, power brokers, and party leadership.

Let’s not forget, on appearances alone, it gives one the impression the rat is leaving a sinking ship.

Or is he suddenly worried he too could be vulnerable this fall and is because of that, he’s bolting on the Assembly?

What then, is he hearing as he does doors in his district — something he’s not shy about mentioning on Twitter.

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Beware of Long Knifes from Kaukauna

I have no idea what’s going on inside the Democratic Caucus of the Wisconsin Assembly, but history has shown me that Tom Nelson (D-Kaukauna) is a schemer; and will always be.

The thought that he’s not planning something is laughable.

Wisconsin Assembly Majority Leader Tom Nelson is refusing to say whether he backs Speaker Mike Sheridan after Sheridan admitted dating a lobbyist for the payday lending industry.

Nelson spoke publicly Wednesday for the first time since fellow Democrat Sheridan admitted two weeks ago to dating the lobbyist even while she was working against a bill in the Legislature regulating payday lending.

Nelson repeatedly said he had nothing to say on the issue when asked if he supported or opposed Sheridan or whether he thought it was appropriate for lawmakers to date lobbyists.

It was reported last week, or early this week (I honestly forget, but I recall seeing the headline somewhere) about how Nelson was avoiding questions about his support for Sheridan.  There’s a lot of reason for that; the likeliest of them being that he doesn’t be tied down to Sheridan’s possibly sinking ship, another is the more sinisterly obvious one: He’s making his move.

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