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Quote of the Day

From FoxPolitics.net, a businessman who attended a discussion Rep. Steve Kagen, MD (D-Appleton) held last week on the effects of the health care bill on small businesses.  (Reports from Fox 11 on Green Bay show it was not the event Kagen’s ego — or the state AP which just rehashed Kagen’s press release — made it out to be.)

Kagen has crossed the Rubicon. He’s helpless. He’s useless.

Some points from the meeting:

  • “If you are keeping score, it’s Kagen 3, Pelosi 0.” That line drew groans. And laughter from a couple.
  • CBO estimates are accurate according to Rep. Kagen. When pressed he just said, “we didn’t cook the books”. Uh huh. Right.
  • They are creating a marketplace for healthcare. Creating a marketplace? Jeebus.
  • Kept talking about transparency. WOW.
  • People that attended – all 12 of us were very unhappy about the information about the meeting. I found out at 8:30am today and most people found out Friday afternoon. When we asked Craig [Moser, Kagen’s in-state “Constituent Services Director], he said, “It’s in the paper today.” Dumb.
  • The good doctor was 25 minutes late for the meeting.
  • “Your health relies on your neighbor’s health”. He talked of limiting body mass index. I kid you not.

I am objective (or at least try to be) – all I see from this man is arrogance and lies. He has gone from representing the 8th congressional district to just another hack politician who represents the Democratic Party. He has no interest in debate. I don’t even think he believes what he says. Very contentious … once again.

‘Kagen 3, Pelosi 0?’  Note to self: See if I still have that Heller cartoon from 2007.  You know, the one with Kagen sporting the big head.

One thing I keep wondering; especially with the non-stop help the Cap Times seems to be giving Kagen in adoring editorials, Nichols columns, and sudden attacks on Rep. Roger Roth (R-Grand Chute), is when will John Nichols write the one thing everyone who’s watched the 8th CD dynamic for these past five years knows: The only way Steve Kagen wins, is if John Gard is running.

It was easy for Kagen to vilify Gard the past two cycles.  John’s may be a great guy, a good friend, and a wonderful family man, but his political career was a walking cliche.  Hell; I’m half wondering when our side does the same the Left did to Gard to Tom “Call Me Thomas” Nelson.  That guy is just, just…wow…

Kagen won’t have that help this time around.  Oh, he’s trying to turn Roth (through the Cap Times) into this cycle’s Gard for him if you believe the Kagen Campaign blog.  I’m sure he’ll do the same if Reid Ribble or Marc Trager win as well.  It’s the Kagen campaign M.O.; so full of projection and lies you wonder if even the reporters covering it believe them anymore.

(Really need to ask that of the N.E. Wisconsin reporters I communicate with on Twitter about that…)

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You Know, There Are Apartments for Singles in Janesville

Somewhere in his lovely home around Green Bay, given all the crap the state left gave him about representing Peshtigo while having a second home in Sun Prairie, former Assembly Speaker John Gard and the rest of his family must be laughing their tail off about this.

A spokesperson for state assembly speaker Mike Sheridan (D-Janesville) told WKOW 27 News Sheridan lives outside of the district he represents as the result of his pending divorce.

State law requires a lawmaker to live in the assembly district he represents.

Government accountability board spokesperson Reid Magney said the law permits a temporary absence as long as the lawmaker intends to move back into the district.

Sheridan spokesperson Rebekah Sweeney said Sheridan moved out of the Janesville home he shared with his wife around the time Sheridan filed for divorce from her in October 2009.

Sweeney told 27 News, Sheridan lives in another Janesville home he owns, but the home is outside the boundaries of Sheridan’s 44th assembly district.

Sweeney said Sheridan plans to move back into the district as soon as possible, but acknowledged his pending divorce limits options with his real estate assets.

You know who else benefits from this disclosure by Sheridan’s office — 8th Congressional District candidate Reid Ribble.

Ribble — who’s roofing business has been in the 8th District for decades — has been trying to sell his home in Sherwood (5 to 10 miles from the border of Outagamie Co., but in the 6th Congressional District) while he’s been trying to move to Green Bay.  DPW and Kagen must have been drooling to try to rehash the old lines about “Sun Prairie.”

Now, if Ribble wins the primary in September, he can ask if Sheridan’s moved into his district if the Democrats try to play games.

(Not that Terri McCormick or any of his other primary opponents won’t make hay of it first.  In the primary, that’s more than fair game.)

Wonder who will move into their respective districts first?

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And Roth Makes Seven…

I’ve been asked by some people to write down my thoughts on the WI-08 GOP Primary, but I won’t for a while.  First off is I don’t know if this is all the candidates we are going to see yet. Rumors about a possible candidacy by former Green Bay Mayor (and current Green Bay Chamber of Commerce President) Paul Jadin may get in and I’d like to hold off until January to see if that happens for a number of reasons.

The first is what will Jadin name the growth from his ass that will be Guy Zima if he were to run.  Zima’s a bulldog of a city alderman in Green Bay and the lead voice in trying to nail Jadin for responsibility in the debacle which is/was the City of Green Bay’s deal with Younkers.  Secondly, I just want to hear what “The Recess Supervisor” thinks of this new addition to the race, especially when I have it on good authority that a certain budget analyst at the Heritage Foundation was going to run in WI-08 if Roth didn’t.  Seems the two of them are friends or something…

Anyway, welcome to a crowded primary Assemblyman Roger Roth.

State Rep. Roger Roth, a Republican from Appleton, has sent out a fundraising appeal announcing his intention to seek the GOP nomination to take on U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen in the 8th CD.

Under a header that reads “Roger Roth for Congress,” the letter blasts Democrats for taking the United States down the wrong path.

“In 2010 we will decide if our nation can be preserved as a beacon of hope to the world or if it will continue on a certain path toward socialism and economic stagnation,” Roth says in the letter.

“Our founding fathers were wise. They were faithful in giving to us a political and economic system that has become the envy of the world. Today this system is under a great attack from within.

“This attack comes from the liberal elite who believe that spending and wasting massive amounts of money while going ever deeper in debt is the answer to every problem. You and I know that we are in serious trouble. Borrowing, taxing and incessant spending is only digging a deeper economic hole.”

Roth is in his second term in the Assembly. A member of the Wisconsin Air National Guard, he recently returned from a mission to Iraq.

The Federal Elections Commission said Thursday it hadn’t yet received a registration statement from Roth

Roth joins a crowded GOP primary field which includes former state Rep. Terri McCormick, who Roth succeeded in the Assembly.

Roth has also set up a Web site for his congressional run at www.rothforcongress.com/

On a short-term matter, this announcement probably helps Roofing Company Owner Reid Ribble the most.  With Roth in, he takes away “The Establishment Candidate label” (if such a label exists in a seven-way primary) from Ribble and takes the pressure of the bulls-eye off him and onto Roth now since many people — myself included — likely view Roth as the first “real choice” to enter the race.

Best of luck to all candidates in the coming year.

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NRCC to Candidates: Prove Yourselves Worthy!

Actual, given the likelihood that donations next year will be less because of the economy, this isn’t the most outrageous news the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) could come out with.  Less money means they’ll have to be picky with who they help out in General Election contests.  Candidates should be able to show they are worth the

Candidates hoping for financial help from the National Republican Congressional Committee will have to prove they’re worth the investment.

The NRCC will only spend money on independent expenditure ads hitting Democrats if the Republican in the race has qualified as a top-tier member of the “Young Guns” program, a party spokesman tells The Hill.

Young Guns is a three-tiered program aimed at recruiting and improving top-notch candidates, the GOP’s answer to Democrats’ successful “Red to Blue” program. Candidates begin as “On the Radar” prospects before advancing to “Contenders.” If they meet certain benchmarks laid out by the NRCC, they become Young Guns.

So far, nine candidates have made it to the Contender tier. Thirty-eight candidates have achieved On the Radar status. None have made it to Young Guns level.

Paul Lindsay, an NRCC spokesman, declined to specify what the benchmarks for achieving the top status are, citing a policy against discussing internal strategy. But members of the different tiers will be judged on fundraising, grassroots and communications bars they have to meet.

Membership in the Young Guns does not guarantee the NRCC will spend money in the race, but the party will not spend money for members who do not reach the highest tier. Typically, the NRCC begins its financial relationship with a candidate by spending up to $87,300 in coordinated funds before moving on to independent expenditures.

In Wisconsin, the only members who so far have qualified made it into the lowest tier of the “Young Guns” programs are Sean Duffy in WI-07, Dan Kapanke in WI-03, and Reid Ribble in WI-08.  Given the primary field line-ups, expect to see the NRCC involved in Kapanke’s race more at this level since he’s the only declared Republican in WI-03 against Ron Kind; the other candidates have primaries.

What will be interesting to see is who else — especially in WI-08 — is added to the “Young Guns” programs.  With the possibility of a 6 or 7-way primary fight, the edge is going to go to the self-financing candidates and established political entities because much of the money will be on the sidelines until the general election.  Another factor will be who drops out as other candidates jump in.  One question I wonder is will Kerry Thomas, who still spends his time thinking John Gard tried to destroy Terri McCormick on multiple levels in 2006, get out if McCormick does get in as is rumored.

Time will tell; we’re just at the part of the game where pieces are being put on the chess board.  No one’s made any opening moves; though some press releases trashing Kagen’s votes on multiple fronts would be nice to see.

The lack of them is making me wonder how much of an amateur hour are we going to see next year.

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Trager Makes Five

And from what my sources tell me…there will be more.

The Republican field of candidates running to challenge U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen, D-Appleton, gets bigger today as Howard physician Marc Trager announces his run for Congress.

Trager, who served in the U.S. Air Force, will make a number of announcements today across the 8th Congressional District, in Green Bay, Marinette and Appleton.

“Our campaign will target the economic and social issues important to families in the district, bringing new ideas and a fresh approach to the needs of Northeast Wisconsin,” Trager said in a release.

Trager filed for candidacy with the Federal Election Commission earlier this week. Other Republican challengers include Marc Savard and Reid Ribble.

Quick question to both Brown Co. Supervisor Andrew Williams and Vilas Co. Blogger/Commentator Kerry Thomas.  I’ve seen multiple press reports you are both candidates, but I have yet to see either an FEC filing or FEC financial report (especially from Williams who’s been announced much, much longer.) from your campaigns.

Is this just an over-sight on your part, or are you still in the exploratory stages of your runs?  Please feel free to contact me either through Facebook or email if you’d like.

It’s just something I’ve been wondering since the middle of October when FEC Financial reports were out and only Misters Ribble and Savard were posted online.

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Meanwhile in WI-08…

Just want to point out two back-to-back stories in WisPolitics’ “DC Wrap” section today which highlight the upcoming 2010 Congressional race.

First, a tale of challengers past.

Former Assembly Speaker John Gard and his wife Cate Zeuske, the former Revenue secretary, have purchased Wisconsin Independent Businesses and Explore Wisconsin.

Gard, who made unsuccessful bids for the 8th CD in 2006 and 2008, said the purchase of both entities from owners Tom and Nancy Dohn takes him out of the running for 2010.

Gard took some time after the ’08 campaign to decide what he wanted to do next when this opportunity presented itself. The sale was expected to be finalized today.

Best of luck there John and Cate.  I’m sure you two will be great ambassadors for Wisconsin’s Small Business and Tourism communities.

Secondly, a tale of challengers future.

Roofing company owner Reid Ribble tells WisPolitics he plans to file nomination papers later this week to officially get into the GOP primary to take on Dem U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen next year in the 8th CD.

Ribble, whose group owns two roofing companies and a gutter protection company, said he was in Washington, D.C., this month to meet with the NRCC, some members of Congress, national trade groups and consultants. But he said it was his conscience that persuaded him to get into the race.

“My passions in the early stages are just the runaway spending and the national debt,” Ribble said. “I think Americans are getting very concerned. I know that I’m getting concerned with an $11.5 trillion national debt. With socialized medicine coming down the pipe, cap-and-trade, it’s all going to cost this country and economy jobs and money.”

Ribble joins Door Co. Super. Marc Savard and Brown Co. Super. Andy Williams as Republicans who have already announced they’re running, With others considering a bid as well, Ribble said he expects to stand apart from the crowd because he’s not a “career politician” and his background in the business world.

“I understand what it takes to create jobs and sustain a business,” said Ribble, who has never run for public office before.

I don’t personally know any of the three announced GOP challengers to Kagen for this cycle, so I wish the best of luck to the three of them and a spirited, fair, and honest primary among the three.  Of the three, I’d say Ribble is sort of “The Anti-Kagen.”  Like “the good Doctor,” Ribble will likely have enough money to finance himself during the primary, and he’s enough of known name that he could be in the small business community to parry with Kagen especially on small business issues.  He also can claim – like Kagen has in past campaigns – to not be a professional politician (that’s now Kagen) and knows how to make a payroll as well as many issues facing small businesses.

Should be an interesting race in a growing field.

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