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McCarthy Set to Get 3-Year Extension

Unless you’re one of the Favre holdouts, there’s nothing out there in this world to tell you he hasn’t earned it.

Once Packers G.M. Ted Thompson signed his contract extension with the Packers, it was only a matter of time until coach Mike McCarthy got a new deal too.

That time is rapidly approaching.  Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reports McCarthy is set to get a three-year extension that will take him through the 2015 season.   McCarthy still had two years left on his previous deal that averaged roughly $4 million-per-season.  His new deal will average roughly $5 million-per-year over the length of the deal.

Thompson’s contract also goes through 2015, and the Packers said they wanted the deals to mirror each other in length.  At $5 million-per-year, McCarthy will be among the ten highest paid coaches in the league.

After the McCarthy deal is wrapped up, expect to see the Packers brain trust now focus on the upcoming April Draft.  At least that will still take place with or without a collective bargaining agreement.

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GOP Senators’ Super Bowl Wager Set

From a Pittsburgh area radio station.

Steelers vs. Packers. Primanti Bros. sandwiches vs. Wisconsin cheese.

In honor of the Feb. 6 Super Bowl featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the Green Bay Packers, U.S. Senators Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin have made a tasty wager on the winner of the big game.

Should the Steelers prevail, Sen. Johnson will provide Sen. Toomey with a savory assortment of Wisconsin cheese, bratwurst and beer. But should the Packers emerge victorious, Sen. Toomey will ship Sen. Johnson a delivery of Pittsburgh’s world-famous Primanti Bros. sandwiches, topped with signature French fries, cole slaw and tomatoes.

No word yet if Senators Kohl and Casey (who’s actually from the Philadelphia area, so he could be an Eagles fan) are also having a wager between the two Democrats.

Through the grapevine I heard Senator Johnson also had a wager with new Illinois Senator Mark Kirk (R) over the NFC Championship between the Packers and the Bears.  The Johnson Senate office will be having Chicago Deep Dish pizza for lunch one of these days.

UPDATE: Johnson’s office has a press release out on the news.

“Being frugal and a fiscal conservative, my first thought was to simply re-gift the Chicago-style pizza and Illinois beer that the Packers helped us win from Sen. Kirk, but that wouldn’t highlight the fine products made in Wisconsin. So I have decided to offer Sen. Toomey’s office a generous basket of Wisconsin cheese, brats and beer in the unlikely event that the Steelers prevail over America’s team, the Green Bay Packers,” Sen. Johnson said.

“I’m sure Sen. Johnson would enjoy some of Pittsburgh’s best sandwiches, which taste just as good as the upcoming Steelers’ victory,” Sen. Toomey said.

Any Cowboys fans fuming over the use of “America’s Team” can take it up with Packers Nation when you’re back in a Super Bowl…or better yet, find a way to win a post-season game.

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Why He’s “Bears-Fan-in-Chief”

Monday Night Football, December 2006.

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This is FABULOUS Idea

Jason Wilde, Packers beat writer for ESPNMilwaukee.com, reports that if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has his way, every Week 17 match-up this season will be a division one.  Frankly, it’s something that is long overdue and should have been in the schedule makers’ minds a long time ago.

Simply put, it elevates the importance of the last game of the NFL season going into the playoffs; especially if the match-up decides who wins the Divisional Champion.

The Green Bay Packers could close out the 2010 regular season with a game against the Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears or Detroit Lions, if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has any say in the matter.

Speaking in a news conference to close the NFL Meetings at the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes resort, Goodell was asked about the trend of playoff-clinching teams resting their starters and key players in preparation for the postseason, impacting the rest of the teams needing mathematical help to qualify.

Goodell said that ownership discussed making the final week of the season – Week 17 – only division games. There’s a feeling that Week 16 could be required to be a division game, too.

That may explain why the NFL did not announce the Kickoff Weekend games or the holiday games, which it normally does at the annual meetings. The schedule generally comes out in mid-April anyway, so it appears the league is going to wait until then and simply announce the whole kit-and-kaboodle.

No word yet if the NFLPA is going to challenge this as part of the collective bargaining agreement.  Let’s face it, there’s nothing a 250 lbs. gorilla hates more than having to play a meaningful game at the end of the season.

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Cartoon of the Day


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William Henderson: Boo Packers Fans, Boo

Via ESPN’s “NFC North Blog,” which also points out this.

Interesting side note: As a free agent in 2006, Henderson visited the Vikings and entered into negotiations with the team before the Packers re-signed him. Nothing like using a division rival for a little contract leverage.

Since retiring from the NFL after the 2006 season (He was released by the Packers and no other team was willing to sign him), Henderson has been trying to break into a career in broadcasting.

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Hey, I’m on the 50 Yard Line. You Too, No Way?!?

Wait a minute, people try to scam folks during big sporting events?  Who knew?

The Wisconsin Better Business Bureau is warning football fans that big games such as this weekend’s Vikings-Packers game tend to invite ticket scams.

Already this season, one Packers fan paid $4,000 to an online seller for season tickets that never arrived. Last season, police found that counterfeit tickets for big games were sold near Lambeau Field.

The agency recommends the following precautions:

Make sure tickets have a ‘Packers’ watermark on the back, perforated edges of the left and bottom, and ink that doesn’t smudge when moistened.

If you buy tickets online, choose a seller with a long history of satisfied customers.

Get the seller’s real name and contact information.

Pay with credit card, check or Paypal, not cash.

Another tip: If you’re trying to get your tickets through a ticket broker, work with one that’s either had a long relationship with the NFL or the Packers organization itself.

Finally, if you’re a Packers season ticket holder who sold your ticket to a Vikings fan, please surrender your seat now.  I’m sure there are 70,000 other people who would have preferred to sit in that seat instead of the jackass in the horned helmet.

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We Tried to Warn You Vikings Fans

Because “capper” only shows Brett Favre’s highlights as a Viking these days…

Get ready Packers fans; and get loud.

And if you need any incentive, please read this website interview done by Favre’s college-aged daughter Brittney (H/T Jason Wilde of ESPNMilwaukee), where you can see the brainwashing has taken to her quite well.

How did you feel seeing your father’s press conference when he retired from the Green Bay Packers. Did you think it was going to be that hard for him to do?

I knew it was going to be hard because what a lot of people didn’t realize at the time was that there was a lot of pressure for him to do so. People deny it, but drafting a quarterback isn’t exactly welcoming for a veteran. He was being worked out of the picture and he knew that. That year he brought the packers to the NFC championship game that came down to the wire. It was emotional for him because he knew he wasn’t ready to retire. He was right about the fact that he didn’t have much to give, because he was tired of feeling like the organization was waiting to pull the plug. It was a tough time, even before he retired. I’m so happy he came out of that situation without ever losing his character.

Man, I was more dead on in July 2008 than I thought.

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Cartoon of the Day

I’ve been holding onto this one…


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Chad Ochocinco Johnson Wants to do the Lambeau Leap

Proving both to be an idiot and a heretic to the Football Gods, Chad “Ochocino” Johnson, announced in a conference call with the Wisconsin sports media today, that if he were to score on Sunday…he will do a Lambeau Leap.


If Chad Ochocinco finds his way to the end zone on Sunday, Green Bay Packers fans in the front row behind the goal post will get an up-close and personal chance to “kiss the baby,” because the Cincinnati Bengals fun-loving wide receiver intends to do a Lambeau Leap.

“It’s no disrespect, especially coming from me. You know how I am. I’m going to go out there and have fun,” the wide receiver formerly known as Chad Johnson said during a conference call with Wisconsin reporters this morning. “I enjoy the Dawg Pound (in Cleveland) when I jump in there. They embrace me. I’m looking for the Cheeseheads to embrace Ocho also.”

Asked what kind of reception he thinks he’ll get from Packers fans if he indeed does a Leap, Ochocinco replied, “I’m not sure. If they’re going to accept one individual out of all the NFL teams to embrace if he got into the stands, I think I should be that one. I’m (meaning) no harm. It’s all fun, it’s all entertainment. It’s really a challenge from myself for that defense and that secondary to stop me from doing what I’m coming in there to do, and that’s to do everything I can to give us a ‘W.’”

When reminded that even Packers players who jump into the stands often get beer spilled on them for their celebratory trouble, Ochocinco laughed and replied, “Right, no problem. No problem at all.”

The last player on the opposition team to try a “Lambeau Leap” into the end zone stands after scoring on the Packers was former Minnesota Vikings DB Fred “Love Boat” Smoot in 2006 during the Playoffs.  Smoot is now with the Washington Redskins.

It did not end well for Smoot.  (See around 1:28 of the enclosed video.)

Praised be that man in the Cheesehead.

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