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Quick! Someone Check Matt Rothschild’s Pulse!

From “The Hotline” this morning.

1) When questioned about his reelection plans by National Journal Tuesday, 76-year-old Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wis.) asked, “Am I running?” He then shrugged, wordlessly. Kohl then asked “are you are a reporter?” Told “yes,” he walked away without a word.

Guess they can put away the Feingold for Governor 2012 signs, huh?

(Honestly, I don’t know or honestly care what Herb Kohl’s political future his.  Quite frankly, this should have been expected of the Bucks owner the second Akaka retired.

They say working as Kohl’s Press Secretary and Communications Chief is the easiest job for a Wisconsin Democratic politico to land.  That might not be the case anymore.)

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Kohl Loans His Campaign $1 Million

From the Hotline:

Wisconsin Sen. Herb Kohl (D) loaned his campaign $1 million in the last quarter of 2010, seemingly putting to rest speculation that he may retire instead of seeking re-election next year.

According to his fourth quarter FEC report, obtained by The Hotline, Kohl contributed $1 million to his war chest while only spending $12,000. Because of the loan, he finished the year with slightly more than $1 million cash on hand.

Kohl, who will be 77 years old on Election Day next year, had been the subject of retirement rumors because of his age and near empty war chest. He finished the third quarter of 2010 with less than $26,000 in his campaign account.

But Kohl, who has significant personal wealth through his ownership of a grocery store chain and the Milwaukee Bucks, appears to be laying the groundwork to run for a fifth term.

He may face an uphill fight in that race, however. Wisconsin turned a few shades redder in 2010, as Republicans made significant gains at every level of government. No Republican has emerged to run against Kohl yet, but now-Sen. Ron Johnson (R) was a completely unknown quantity when he jumped in the race against Sen. Russell Feingold (D) last year and turned out to be one of the GOP’s strongest 2010 candidates.

Kohl hasn’t owned the grocery store chain in decades.   Can someone go tell the team at Hotline that?

Also, can someone pass a tissue to Matt Rothschild at Progressive Magazine?  I know this news must hurt.

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Quote of the Day

UW-Madison Law Professor Ann Althouse in a post highlighting the new PPP Polls numbers on Wisconsin Senate match-ups for 2012 when Herb Kohl is will be running for re-election.

Adding tags to this post, I had to make a new one for Kohl. I’ve been blogging for nearly 7 years. Kohl has been one of my Senators the entire time. I never had the occasion to make a tag for him? That means something.

Althouse is a good barometer of Wisconsin politics in my opinion honestly.  She’s intelligent, coy, and not afraid to speak her mind.  She’s also more moderate than either side is willing to admit.  Chances are, if you’ve locked up Althouse’s vote you might have a shot to win statewide. (She voted Obama in 2008, and in her comments said she voted Johnson over Feingold in November.)

Out in DC a couple weeks ago a few friends asked me about Republican Senate chances in Wisconsin in the next cycle.  I told them the usual, “You never know, I mean look at what I just help accomplish?”  or “Well, he’s a mint unto himself, so it’s always a tough go.”

But if Althouse is just noticing she’s never had to write about Senator Kohl in all the years of her blog — one of the few in Wisconsin with a legitimate national audience — a campaign defining “Nobody’s Senator” as an “Absentee Senator” they might have a shot.

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They’re Over-Thinking This

Had to laugh at this little post that “capper” had at Whallah! from last night.  “Capper” points out that one of the UW or Madison area bloggers, after successfully telling Nike to go take a hike after years of the apparel company lying to both the school and the public over unpaid severance to workers in Honduras, wants to get the Badgers off of WTMJ radio in Milwaukee.

(Never mind that the big contract is the one UW-Madison has is with Adidas, and it like most sports apparel companies, is also running sweatshops somewhere in the world.)

In addition, WTMJ constantly denigrates this great unviersity on their airwaves. Daily shows hosted by people such as Charles Sykes and Jeff Wagner mock the unviersity’s culture and academic a`cheivements. Those of us that love this university and all that it is associated with are insulted when we hear a Charles Sykes promo in the middle of our Badger games, and do not need to hear those loudmouths disrupt our enjoyment of listeneing to Badger games.

Sykes and Wagner also act as a favorable front group for politicans such as Scott Walker and Glenn Grothmann, who are in favor of drastically cutting state funding to the university, which drives up to tuition to unaffordable levels for many Wisconsinites and Badger fans. TMJ talk show hosts are also are heavily associated with the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (WPRI), an institution that threatened the UW’s commitment to fair and quality research by signing a contract with faculty member Ken Goldstein. WPRI further sullied the UW’s reputation when Goldstein had to back out of the contract because WPRI was manipulating the results of his research to fit their anti-UW and public services agenda. This great unviersity does not need to be associated with a station that uses itself as a platform to constantly knock down the UW.

Oh, how small thinking them AFSCME workers be…

If I remember my WTMJ promos correctly, they like to tell us that they are “Your Packers, Brewers, Badgers, and BUCKS Flagship.”  If liberals and Democrats in Wisconsin really want to stick it to WTMJ (and in particular Charlie Sykes and Jeff Wagner), where is the movement — hell the crowds — surrounding Herb Kohl at every turn, every Democratic dinner, and every state convention demanding him to get his Milwaukee Bucks off of WTMJ airwaves?

You’re not a bunch of wussies are you?

So please Democrats of Wisconsin, show us your stuff (not to mention total hypocritical nature) by only urging UW to drop WTMJ but do nothing while the Senior Senator, former state party chairman, and all-around great milk salesman at the Wisconsin State Fair gets the free pass.  It fits your nature to a “T.”


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Sotomayor Hearings Begin Today

Don’t expect much today.  Day One of Senate Confirmation hearings on the Supreme Court usually aren’t all that exciting…unless you like bloviating speeches by septuagenarians and octogenarians.

(To each his own…)

Here’s my quick, general guide to what is likely to happen.  This may apply to any nominee to the Supreme Court actually:

1) The party of the President will swoon over their President’s nominee; the opposition party will make statements about their ‘concerns.’

2) Americans will discover that the Democrats put newly-sworn in Senator Al Franken of Minnesota on the Judiciary Committee.

3) All Senators will feel they must use the full 40 minutes given to them for a pointless speech at the beginning of these hearings.

And most importantly…

4) Americans will remember that Wisconsin’s Herb Kohl is once again a United States Senator…that or it’s now the “H.E.R.B.O.T 5000,” now with life-like interactions.

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