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“Duffy Recipient of Underage Slave Labor”

Oh, I’m sorry.  Somehow I had gotten a look at what was on the desk of Mike Tate and Graeme Zielinski over at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin when they got a view of this video on YouTube.

I mean, they have to spin it bad for Duffy somehow, right?  We can’t have 14 year old boys — out of the sheer goodness of their heart and in the name of being neighborly — cutting the Duffy family lawn for free so Sean can get extra time on the campaign, can we?

That’s just not right!

…and why isn’t some kid in Stevens Point doing that for Lassa on YouTube…right now?!?

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That “New Media Intern” is Sooooo Paying Off

For the record, I know for a fact RPW has a full-time employee who deals with all their “New Media” as well as video editing and other internet and social media needs.  On the other hand, DPW has a 20 year-old UW-Madison student as the party’s first “New Media Intern.”

This video showcases the difference in talent level.

Okay, where to start…

The pacing is limited and slow, the music was last cool about three years ago (Yes, even Elvis can be uncool), and frankly the wipes look like they were from the 90s.

I have no desire to ever really work in “New Media” ever again in my life, but a few conversations with the likes of Sean Hackbarth, Robert Bluey, Michael Turk, and a whole mess of other people in conservative’s “New Media Exchange” has taught me what makes for a “good web-video.”

This is not it.  It looks like it was done on the cheap.

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Who Says RPW Lacks a Sense of Humor?

From a morning press release via email…

MADISON – The Republican Party of Wisconsin has placed ads in several state newspapers seeking individuals willing to be the Democratic nominee for Wisconsin Governor.

“Not just anybody is going to want to defend what the Democrats have done to the economy and tax climate in our state,” said Mark Jefferson, Executive Director of the Republican Party of Wisconsin. “Finding someone willing to continue the destructive policies of Jim Doyle requires casting a wide net.”

The ad states:  “Wanted: Individual willing to run as the Democratic Nominee for Governor of Wisconsin. Must be willing to defend tax hikes, eroding business climate, and higher vehicle insurance rates. No experience necessary, but willingness to take direction from WEAC and trial lawyers a must. Deep pockets of personal wealth a plus. Call Mike at 255-5172. Paid for by the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Cathy Stepp, Treasurer.”

“Running for elected office can be a difficult challenge, and we wanted potential Democratic candidates to know exactly what was expected of them,” Jefferson said. “It’s best to go into such a campaign with your eyes open.”

Ads are said to be running in newspapers in Green Bay, Madison, Wausau, Wisconsin Rapids, Platteville, and Racine.

Here’s a picture of it I cut from what RPW says is the Wisconsin State Journal.

Want Ad
In related news, former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin blogs that he will not run.  (Apparently a post he wrote on Friday was misconstrued.)

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Obama to Madison Next Week

<sarcasm>Boy, this won’t play into the Governor’s race speculation at all.</sarcasm>

Bring out the tape recorder and set the DVR.  Things are gonna be fun for the next week or so.

President Obama will visit the Madison area on Nov. 4 to speak about education, the White House announced Tuesday.

It will be Obama’s first visit to the immediate area since a February 2008 campaign stop at the Kohl Center prior to the Democratic primary.

Presidential candidate Obama was scheduled to return in October 2008, but canceled a planned Madison rally to visit his ailing grandmother, who died a short time later, in Hawaii.

Details about the location or content of the president’s address in Madison next week are not available, a White House spokeswoman said.

Somewhere, Dan Bice is smiling.

(Wonder if any ambitious reporter in Madison Obama will bring up the @$$-kicking Democrats took in Virginia the previous night.)

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Doyle: Stimulus Saved 8300 Government Jobs

Pity the poor state government, and the writers of the Wisconsin State Budget this year who without the Federal Stimulus would have had to make the tough decisions and anger their partisan backers in WEAC and AFSCME.  Be grateful, those poor, weak souls didn’t have to get their rectums split by Mary Bell and Marty Beil.

Actually, pity the poor Doyle flack who had to pen this press release on this news; since reading it is a total joke.

Governor Jim Doyle today announced that the Wisconsin Office of Recovery and Reinvestment on Saturday filed a comprehensive report with the federal government detailing Recovery money spent through the state of Wisconsin, and what impact these dollars are having in Wisconsin communities.

“The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is providing Wisconsin communities great opportunities to create jobs and make lasting improvements, and we want to assure Wisconsin citizens that the funds are spent wisely,” Governor Doyle said. “This report builds on our nation-leading efforts in accountability and transparency, and we will continue to work with the federal government to make real investments in our economy.”

The State of Wisconsin oversaw nearly $680 million in ARRA expenditures during the first reporting quarter. These expenditures are responsible for saving or creating 8,284 full-time jobs, including 6,100 essential public service jobs, such as teachers, police officers and firefighters. More than 89,000 meals were served to 9,175 homebound seniors, and 240 homes are having lead paint removed. Thousands of Wisconsin youths have gained summer work experience and Americorps has been active at 139 locations across the state.

Not unsurprisingly, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin heralded this ‘uplifting news’ on Twitter.  The State GOP “Retweeted” the Dems ‘news’ by pointed out the reality of the math…that’s $82,000 per job.

That’s a whole lot of money to “stimulate” saving jobs.

UPDATE — I give them credit for not buying the spin, the story from the JS’s Madison Bureau points out in its first paragraph of its story the only folks benefiting are the public-sector.

Wisconsin state government has used federal economic stimulus money to create or retain 8,284 jobs in Wisconsin, mostly by saving public-sector jobs.

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Mike Tate’s Capitalism

A lot has been said — actually, come to think of it, he’s only been criticized for what he said — about what Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate, the 30 year-old wunderkind going on 10, in reaction to this weekend’s Milwaukee Tea Party.

In case you missed it, here it is:

“These are extremist elements pulling together, distinct vocal minorities that frankly don’t believe in this country,” Tate said. “They don’t want to see more people have access to quality affordable health care; they don’t want clean air and water. They fundamentally don’t understand how the American government, economy and capitalism work.”


How exactly is the American government, economy, and capitalism supposed to work Mike?  Because I’d really like to know how the chairman of a state Democratic Party believes they should and do work.

Is it a government picking winners and losers in the market, and then bailout out companies which can’t cut it out with tax dollars?  Because, that’s happening…under your party’s control.

Is it regulation on top of regulation telling small businesses what they can and cannot do?  Because that’s happening…under your party’s control.

We could go on and on here Mike, Democrats have controlled everything in Washington, DC and Madison for the past nine months and if you can’t handle the masses not liking that, it’s going to be a long, hard term for you sir.

A small bit of free advise Mr. Tate.  Since August 15th, the day Jim Doyle announced he wasn’t seeking re-election, you became THE de facto head of your party inside the boundaries of the State of Wisconsin.  What he says, doesn’t matter anymore; what you say, carries weight to it.  Doyle is heading for the door (as fast as he can mind you), you are staying put.

Thankfully, guys like me are truly grateful that you are.

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Must Be the Id Shining Through

The Democratic Party of Wisconsin tried to be funny about an apparent comment made by State Senator Ted Kanavas (R-Elkhorn) about jobs in Wisconsin leaving for Texas (in actuality, Kanavas was telling a story about a lawyer friend) because of the difference in business and tax climates.  Unfortunately, it came out worse than it intended to be.

Not one to take criticism to his political patron [Doyle] and the Democratically-passed budget lightly, new DPW Chairman Mike Tate reacted exactly like any 30 year-old going on 10 would.

He pouted.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate today released the following statement in response to reports that Senator Ted Kanavas’ may soon move to Texas.

“Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Some quick points.

  1. Way to read the press release guys.  I know Tate’s new in the saddle, but such a rookie mistake. Tisk, tisk, tisk…
  2. Thanks for the built-in attack line there.  RPW was pretty damn quick with the response weren’t they?  Props to the new Comms Director Kristin Ruesch.
  3. Speaking of Communications Directors, I know political offices go through those things like toner cartridges, but I noticed DPW Executive Director Jason Stephany wrote today’s two press releases.  Alec Loftus on vacation or ‘let go during the transition?’

I’m liking this new regime at DPW already.

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Life-long Bears Fan to Visit Packerland

Oh, I’m sorry.  Misread the headline.

President Barack Obama will travel to Green Bay on June 11, his first appearance in Wisconsin since he took office.

The White House released no details about the location or nature of his stop, and Wisconsin Democrats contacted Monday said they were not privy to the specifics.

“They haven’t been to Wisconsin since the election. This is an important state,” said state Democratic chair Joe Wineke.

Obama has been to 14 states as president.

Most of the other states he has visited were heavily contested in the 2008 election. Wisconsin, the closest state in 2004, was a top battleground until Republican John McCain all but conceded the state in the closing weeks, and Obama won handily.

Obama’s visit does not appear to be related to the automotive crisis since the president is going to Green Bay, not Janesville or Kenosha, sites of announced closings by GM and Chrysler.

But the White House did release new details Monday about trips that cabinet members are making this week to Midwestern states affected by the crisis in the car industry.

I’ll have to consult my friends up in the Green Bay-area as for the non-political reason for a visit.  The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has its annual convention in Ashwaubenon on June 12-13, so no doubt he’ll stop by there and do a videotape or something.

It will also be Joe Wineke’s swan song as DPW Chairman, most anticipate Mike Tate – best known for misleading the elderly with false robocalls in the state’s 2006 Same Sex Marriage Amendment fight – to be named his successor.

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