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Quote of the Day

A possible first here.

Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) during the concealed carry debate on the State Senate floor.

“What is really to be feared is not the machine itself but really the one holding the machine.”

Already there’s been some liberal blog anger at Taylor for her “Aye” vote in the State Senate’s 25 – 8 passage of concealed carry.  And one probably can’t blame them for expressing their rage at one of the “Fab 14” embracing the “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” argument.

That is pretty much what she said after all.

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“More Guns, Less Crime”

Hmmm…think that’d be a nice name for a book or something?

Good to see the CDC is backing up Dr. Lott’s theories. (Though I do wonder why it is the Center for Disease Control and not the Justice Department which collects gun statistics?)

Americans overall are far less likely to be killed with a firearm than they were when it was much more difficult to obtain a concealed-weapons permit, according to statistics collected by the federal Centers for Disease Control. But researchers have not been able to establish a cause-and-effect relationship.

In the 1980s and ’90s, as the concealed-carry movement gained steam, Americans were killed by others with guns at the rate of about 5.66 per 100,000 population. In this decade, the rate has fallen to just over 4.07 per 100,000, a 28 percent drop. The decline follows a fivefold increase in the number of “shall-issue” and unrestricted concealed-carry states from 1986 to 2006.The highest gun homicide rate is in Washington, D.C., which has had the nation’s strictest gun-control laws for years and bans concealed carry: 20.50 deaths per 100,000 population, five times the general rate. The lowest rate, 1.12, is in Utah, which has such a liberal concealed weapons policy that most American adults can get a permit to carry a gun in Utah without even visiting the state.

The decline in gun homicides also comes as U.S. firearm sales are skyrocketing, according to federal background checks that are required for most gun sales. After holding stable at 8.5 to 9 million checks from 1999 to 2005, the FBI reported a surge to 10 million in 2006, 11 million in 2007, nearly 13 million in 2008 and more than 14 million last year, a 55 percent increase in just four years.

These federal statistics will not move one Democrat in the State of Wisconsin to change their views on letting the people of the state carry a concealed carry.

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Doyle, WI Liberals on Fringe With Concealed Carry

Interesting Findings from a new Zogby/O’Leary Poll.

Zogby/O’Leary asked voters:

“Currently, 39 states have laws that allow residents to carry firearms to protect themselves, only if they pass a background check and pay a fee to cover administrative costs. Most of those states also require applicants to have firearms safety training. Do you support or oppose this law?”

An overwhelming majority of Americans (83 percent) support concealed-carry laws, while only 11 percent oppose them. A majority of Independent voters (86 percent), Democrats (80 percent), young voters age 18-29 (83 percent), Hispanic voters (80 percent), and those who voted for President Obama (80 percent) support the right to carry a firearm.

Perhaps it is past time both the press in this state stop treating those who support both open and concealed carry as a fringe element of society.  Polling is showing it’s they are the fringe element.

Now if we can do something about the impediments to making the people’s desire a reality in this department…

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