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Wel­come to the third ver­sion of Lakeshore Laments, the per­sonal blog of Kevin Bin­ver­sie.  Like its pre­vi­ous incar­na­tions, “Lakeshore Laments” will lean its polit­i­cal opin­ion to the right, and con­tinue its mis­sion of talk­ing about pol­i­tics while “cov­er­ing the Manitowoc-Sheboygan area, the rest of Wis­con­sin, the U.S., and the World.”

Feel free to leave a com­ment on any post on the front page or any archived post.  Please note that I am cur­rently mod­er­at­ing all com­ments, mostly to elim­i­nate spam­mers, but this may change.

To con­tact me, you can do so at kevinbinversie@gmail.com, as well as fol­low me on Twit­ter.

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FAQ (As of 1-21-2009):

  • Who are you again?

My name is Kevin Bin­ver­sie, I used to blog here first at www.lakeshorelaments.blogspot.com, than at this cur­rent URL with a dif­fer­ent design and server host.  At one-time I believe I was con­sid­ered to be one of the Top Five Con­ser­v­a­tive Blog­gers in the State of Wis­con­sin.  I then had to aban­don the blog because I got a job in DC.

  • Oh yeah, now I remem­ber you.  What have you been up to?

Work­ing at the U.S. Depart­ment of Hous­ing and Urban Devel­op­ment (HUD) in what is called the Office of Admin­is­tra­tion or Admin.  Admin’s prime direc­tive is to ser­vice the employ­ees of HUD, not serve the mis­sion of HUD.  It is Admin’s role to ensure the build­ings and field offices are secure, the peo­ple are hired (or fired) on time, employ­ees are paid, the cafe­te­ria is func­tional, and its offices are fur­nished and sup­plied with what they need to accom­plish the mis­sion of HUD.  Think of it as like the “Mayor’s Office of HUD” or the Human Resources Depart­ment on steroids.

  • Wow, that’s impres­sive.  So what now?

Look­ing at get­ting back into the indus­try I was in before I jumped into pol­i­tics, Trade and Cus­toms Com­pli­ance.  It’s a fas­ci­nat­ing niche area that’s a mix of man­u­fac­tur­ing, eco­nom­ics, and the law.  My hope is to go to law school in a few years (after I’ve saved up) and I then become a mem­ber of what is the ever-exclusive club of Cus­toms Attor­neys oper­at­ing in the United States.

  • So that’s it for pol­i­tics huh?

Well, if some­one offered me a decent amount of money to do oppo­si­tion research against Democ­rats for a liv­ing I’d lis­ten to them, but for now, yeah.  It was a fun time where I learned a lot, met a lot of smart, intel­li­gent peo­ple both in and (mostly) out of gov­ern­ment, and I served my coun­try.  Plus, for the rest of my days I get to say, “For a moment in my life; I served at the plea­sure of the President.”

Other than that, I’ll just main­tain the blog as long as I can.  Besides, as Mike Bar­ni­cle said recently, one would appear to find it therapeutic.

  • So seri­ously, where’s Kurt?

Right where I left him last time; in the Marine Corps.  He’s now a Staff Sergeant, or E-6 and serv­ing his coun­try state­side with pride.

  • How’s your dad doing?

First of all, thanks for ask­ing.  My dad is good.  He turns 70 this May (2009) and the heart trans­plant has its third anniver­sary this June 3rd.  Given the cir­cum­stances of just how sick he really was in 2005-06 with his con­grestive heart fail­ure, I thank the good lord every­day he’s been given a sec­ond chance.  Since that time he’s seen the fam­ily grow with the birth of a new grand­son and this sum­mer will see Kurt grad­u­ate from col­lege and next year see the old­est grand­child grad­u­ate high school.

All of these are things none of us thought were going to hap­pen given the shape he was in pre-transplant.

  • You’ll be post­ing again at the Bad­ger Blog Alliance again?

Most likely, I’ve already informed Jib I’m back blog­ging, so unless any remenants of the Giu­liani Pres­i­den­tial Cam­paign have issues (Oh, the story behind that one…) Lance Burri and I will be tag-teaming the BBA in no time.  I will also be post­ing at some other blogs once I either get the okay from the site-runners to begin there.  If what I’m being told is real, I’ll post those announce­ments when they occur.

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