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From JSOnline’s “Poli­ti­FACT” on the accu­sa­tion by DPW on Wauke­sha Co. Clerk Kathy Nick­o­laus “hold­ing votes.”

Two Wauke­sha County com­mu­ni­ties are in the 8th Sen­ate Dis­trict: But­ler and Menomonee Falls. But­ler sent in totals within 35 min­utes of close of polls at 8 p.m., and those were posted early in the evening.

But Menomonee Falls Clerk Jan­ice Moyer told us that heavy turnout there pre­vented tab­u­la­tion of absen­tee bal­lots in some cases until after polls closed.

It takes time, and we want them to do it cor­rectly,” Moyer said of poll workers.

Nick­o­laus did not get most of the Menomonee Falls count until 10:36 p.m., accord­ing to Moyer. Nick­o­laus said results were posted on the county’s web site by 10:47 p.m. The last batch came in an hour later, and Nick­o­laus said she posted them within six minutes.

So the gap in report­ing Wauke­sha County results was not due to Nick­o­laus, who posts and tal­lies the totals but does not count the votes.

What hap­pened in April is well known, she didn’t post the tal­lies from Brook­field. Even though they were avail­able on other sources of media if you looked for them.

Like the Brook­field Patch for instance.

You know, it used to be said that polit­i­cal oper­a­tives say the cra­zi­est crap out there to keep the unin­tel­li­gent of us riled up and angry at the oppo­si­tion.  “Con­fuse the Rubes” is what it’s been called in the past.

After years of this from Tate and Zielin­ski, I’m seri­ously begin­ning to believe the rubes are run­ning the show.

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