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At 11:00, We Find Out Just How Crazy JoAnne Kloppenburg Is

This will be fun.

And apparently I may be the only one who might hold Tom Foley — the Wisconsin Liberal Blogosphere’s “Best Legal Mind” with a suspended law license (Just finish you CLE work already and pay your dues pal)to task for his pledge he’d join the Wisconsin GOP if Kloppenburg files a suit.  For the record Tom, most Wisconsin or National Republican Operatives I know couldn’t care less that you’re gay.  In fact, if this outing by a left-wing group was correct, the old Oppo Chief at the RNC (before he was sacked in May 2010 for being a complete and utter jerk, or so I’m told) may be gay.

Heck, I don’t care that you’re gay Tom.

Just tend to think you’re a jerk; I’m sure the feeling is mutual

The campaign for state supreme court challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg said she would make an announcement at 11:00 a.m. Tuesday on a possible legal challenge against the results of the state-wide recount in the race for Supreme Court Justice.

She had until the end of Tuesday to decide whether to take legal action after losing the recount to incumbent Justice David Prosser.

Kloppenburg asked for a statewide recount after preliminary figures had her losing to Prosser.

Brian Nemoir, campaign manager for Prosser, says the recount has been an exhaustive process and it’s time to move on.

“If they do file a suit we will fight that suit with all vigor.  It’s unnecessary.”

The recount results were certified last week showing Justice Prosser beating challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg by about 7,000 votes.

Sources to 620 WTMJ radio talk show host say Kloppenburg will indeed concede the race.  We’ll know at the top of the hour if they are correct.

No doubt Foley’s sighing in relief and hoping that Sykes got it right; no doubt the first time in Foley’s mind.

UPDATE II: Politico is reporting their own sources are confirming the Sykes report.

UPDATE III: Open blog, insert foot.

As Tom has pointed out, I appear to have libeled him. Most likely on the gay comment, and for that I sincerely apologize for.  Maybe over the past couple of years of skimming over Tom’s posts on gay marriage and his criticisms of conservative Christians on homosexual issues, I mistook his passion on them as a piss-poor assumption that he was gay himself.

I honestly meant no harm or malice from it.

My mistake, and I apologize for it, as this quote from one of Foley’s own posts, which was passed on to me shows — I am really frickin’ wrong.

I don’t get the obsession with homosexuals, which seems to be a feature of both fundamentalist style Christianity and political conservatism. Personally I don’t think about gay people too often. Christian conservatives will often tell you they aren’t so much concerned with gay people per se, but rather their focus is on “homosexual acts.”

Maybe that’s why I’m not a conservative Christian because, trust me, homosexual acts are about the last things I care to focus on.* It makes little sense to me why self-proclaimed anti-homosexuals would want to focus on homosexual acts because the only people who should be focusing on homosexual acts are, well, homosexuals.

So again, Tom, my sincerest apologizes.  I AM AN ASS.

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  • Mike Plaisted

    Wow, this post is the biggest dick move ever on a local blog, and I’ve seen a lot of them.  Can’t wait for you to eat shit on the correction.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve reached out to Tom so I can offer one.

  • Asher Heimermann

    How fucking low of you Kevin. You pig.

  • Anonymous

    You kiss your mother with that mouth Asher?

  • It’s just unfortunate that you didn’t realize what a dick move this was before you clicked “post.”

    Then again, maybe it was all part of a strategy on your part, given that this is the most comments you’ve gotten on an entry here in a good long time.

  • Anonymous

    No, I sincerely screwed up. Trust me, I didn’t mean any harm.

  • Rats. And here I thought it was going to get interesting.

    So, he’s really let his license lapse?

  • Yeah darn….here I was hoping we’d have another lawsuit involving a right-wing blogger as a respondent.

  • Anonymous

    That, or he never finished his continuing legal education (CLE) and has to wrap up some course work. The link for that went straight to the Wisconsin Bar association’s lawyer search.

    Also, I’ve had the fight over his law license with him once already. He tried to scold me by saying he could still go before a judge as an officer of the court and I would be some poor schmuck trying to attempt to say I know the law.

    Good times.

  • Lame excuse.  Let’s follow your logic.  You assumed that anyone who wrote about “gay marriage and …criticisms of conservative Christians on homosexual issues” must they themselves be gay.  Tom has provided rather sensible and consistent criticism of Kloppenberg’s pursuit of a recount.  He makes a snarky post saying he’ll join the WisGOP if she files suit.  You decide to post to “hold him to task”, perhaps hours after he made his post.  (Brave move!  It’s not like he deleted his post or retreated from his position.) 

    You make a decision to resort to ad hominem attacks.  You imply there’s some dishonor in getting a law degree, then not keeping up on your CLEs.  You call him a “jerk” without supporting evidence.  You call him “gay” as if that should be an insult in itself. To put the cherry on top, you refer to an RNC oppo’s outing as if it were connected to the rest of the post.

    “You didn’t mean any harm”?  Really?  What was the purpose of the insults, then?  Your story is inconsistent.  You say you believed he was gay; you say it “was a joke.”  Which is it?

  • Shawn

    This legal analysis From The Guy who’s told us for years “he’s a future customs attorney” ?
    I agree with Zack. This Blog is pretty poor since most folks have tired of the  Kevin good, everyone else bad mentality of its author. Our Kev who knows all.
     So he’s prolly trying to drive numbers.
    At least he doesn’t pretend to offer REAL DEBATE.
    Blog may be put away anyways.
    Who knows if his new employer will let him tweet and post all day like he did at while at  Kohler Co.?
    But at least little Asher boy is reading.

  • No harm?  I guess this explains your 5/31 5:06 p.m. tweet “Oh no, I made Tom Foley mad. Mission Accomplished.”

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, was thinking he was upset about the law license thing.

  • No, but he sucks his father’s dick with it.

  • No, but he sucks his father’s dick with it.

  • Anonymous

    Grow up. Asher’s an annoying kid, I know from experience from 2006, but
    don’t go there.

  • Anonymous

    Grow up. Asher’s an annoying kid, I know from experience from 2006, but
    don’t go there.

  • Can you think of any reasons why someone with a law degree might choose to not keep their license active?  What exactly was your mission here?  Arguably, Foley said something that should make Kloppenburg’s enemies cheer.  For this, you decide it’s time to insult him?

  • Can you think of any reasons why someone with a law degree might choose to not keep their license active?  What exactly was your mission here?  Arguably, Foley said something that should make Kloppenburg’s enemies cheer.  For this, you decide it’s time to insult him?

  • Other Side

    Kevin, the Marjorie Rock comment was from a troll who has been infecting my site, and I’m guessing others with his “wit.”  My mother, Marjorie, passed away in September 2009.  That should give you an idea of how low this creature stoops.

  • But not as low as you stoop on a daily basis, Timmy.  Do a shot with me.  Or 12.


  • Other Side

    Why don’t you tell me who you are.  We could have a face-to-face.

    Doesn’t say much you leave this crap up, Kevin.

  • I know who you are — a thin-skinned, whiny, past-prime unemployed loser who turtles when anyone hits back at you.

  • Other Side

    You’re still a coward.  Nothing changes.  I’m done.  Hate yourself all you want.  I will never respond to you again.

  • Jim Spice

    We could probably start a class action.

  • OK.  But don’t go out and hit the bottle.  It’s a documented fact that alcoholics tend to raise alcoholics.