Mayor Dave” Wins the AFSCME Primary

With all the talk about State Sen­ate recalls, the State Supreme Court race, the Mil­wau­kee County Exec­u­tive race, it’s easy to for­get there are other races out there on April 5th in Wis­con­sin.  Among them, are the races for Dane Co. Exec­u­tive and Mayor of Madison.

Now, I’m con­vinced State Assem­bly­man Joe Parisi of Madi­son will be the next County Exec­u­tive of Dane County.

It’s just a given in Wis­con­sin. Like deer hunt­ing the week of Thanks­giv­ing and Pack­ers games in the fall (one hopes); at the end of the day, a lib­eral Democratic-partisan will be the County Exec­u­tive  of the most lib­eral county in Wisconsin.

Now the race for the Mayor of Madi­son has been a fun side show to watch as the protests raged at the State Capi­tol.  There, you have incum­bent, two-term Mayor Dave Cieslewicz and for­mer two-time (It is two, right?) mayor Paul Soglin going at it again.

The pair actu­ally faced off eight years ago, when Cieslewicz won and began his terms as Mayor.

Yet, since the release of the Budget-Repair Bill, the two haven’t been focus­ing much on the issues in the city they’re try­ing to gov­ern.  Instead, they’ve been play­ing a rather fas­ci­nat­ing con­test of who was the bet­ter friend of the pub­lic employee unions more.  Cieslewicz — as proven by the emails between him­self and State Sen­ate Minor­ity Leader Mark Miller (D-Monona) — was try­ing to get Sec. of State Doug La Fol­lette to delay the law’s pub­li­ca­tion to the full max 10 days to ensure no con­ces­sions for Madison’s unions (Guess he got his wish); has filed a law­suit, and pretty much done all he can at every pub­lic appear­ance to say he’s a “Pub­lic Employee Union” man.

Soglin, accord­ing to reports, lacked the media pres­ence of the Mayor’s office and had spent night sleep­ing in the State Capi­tol with the rest of the pro­test­ers and had his blog attack Walker ever chance it could.

So who won the AFSCME endorse­ment?  Why, Mayor Dave of course.

On the same day the Wis­con­sin Leg­is­la­ture passed Scott Walker’s attack on work­ing fam­i­lies, AFSCME rec­og­nized Mayor Dave Cieslewicz’s unwa­ver­ing sup­port for work­ers by vot­ing to endorse Mayor Dave for Madi­son mayor.

I am proud to stand shoul­der to shoul­der with our work­ers as we keep up the fight against Scott Walker’s divi­sive poli­cies. I am hon­ored to have AFSCME’s sup­port,” Mayor Cieslewicz said. “I have never been more proud to be mayor of this city or more ener­gized to keep fight­ing for our future.”

Dur­ing these tumul­tuous weeks, Mayor Dave has proven he is a leader that under­stands the para­mount need of elected lead­ers to sit at the table and nego­ti­ate with the women and men who pro­vide the ser­vices that Madisonian’s love, and which make our City the best of the best. Inclu­sion and com­mu­ni­ca­tion is the key to our suc­cess as a city ser­vants. While we might not always agree on all issues, I believe we soundly agree that serv­ing the peo­ple of Madi­son to the best of our abil­ity is our top pri­or­ity and we accom­plish that together at the nego­ti­at­ing table by valu­ing the ser­vices and rights of all work­ing peo­ple. This is why Local 60 endorses Mayor Dave on April 5th 2011,” said Tim Birkley, Vice Pres­i­dent, AFSCME Local 60.

When the governor’s union-busting bill was intro­duced, Mayor Cieslewicz called a spe­cial Coun­cil meet­ing to rat­ify city union con­tracts so that all employ­ees were treated fairly.

Since then, the mayor has marched with city employ­ees, fought the bill at the leg­is­la­ture and worked to pro­tect city work­ers and city ser­vices from Scott Walker’s attacks.

Soglin won the pri­mary in Feb­ru­ary by a mar­gin of just shy of 1,200 votes.

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