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Weekend Quick Hits

NFL Fandom Geography

If I could figure out how to fix putting up pictures on this blog, I’d post it, but I haven’t so all I can do is send you to the link.  I think overall the map is a tad too simplistic; especially in size of Denver Broncos fandom geography, but this is probably the best map I’ve seen of subject I’ve long discussed as sports bars.

(Usually a few beers in of course.)

The Road to Hell

Paved with Environmentalist Good Intentions.  Andrew Klavan rocks.

Funny, I Felt Exactly the Same in 2007 (But in Reverse)

Bears LB and Captain Brian Urlacher was asked by a Chicago radio station if he could support the Packers in Super Bowl XLV next Sunday.  His answer: “Hell No.”

“I have a ton of respect for that organization and the head coach, but I don’t want them to win the Super Bowl. They’re in our division, I want them to lose.”

In 2007, I openly rooted for the Colts in Super Bowl XLI when they were taking on the Bears.  Such a response by Bears fans should be expected by all Packers fans this week.

The Trouble in Egypt

I’m not going to say much about the situation on the ground because you never know who’s the real good guys and the who’s the real bad guys in times like this.  There’s too much potential fluidity on the ground and frankly you have a greater chance of backing the wrong horse in the diplomatic and political game.  The best one can probably hope for is some sort of military coup with the promise of democratic elections in a six-month window; then a Western-style democracy taking its place.  Egypt is more modern and forward looking than most of the region, and word is some of the protesters are women.  A good sign against a possible Islamic regime rising up.

The worst one can imagine; you have Iran, Version 2.0.

That being said, what the hell was “The Smartest Foreign Policy Mind in the Democratic Party” A.K.A Vice President Joe Biden thinking when he said “Mubarak’s not a dictator?”  The past three decades of sham elections and ruling with an iron fist would say otherwise.

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  • Radish

    That map looks more like “what the CBS affiliates are told to show” than actual fandom. Central New York has more Steelers and Giants fans than Bills fans. When I lived in NE Iowa, it was all Rams all the time and very few Bears (admittedly, that was during the Kurt Warner years and they’ve had an influx of people escaping Chicago since then).

  • Call me crazy, but I’m rooting for the Pack, as are many of my fellow Bears fans.