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Another Wrong Jay Bullock Prediction

Remember when Jay Bullock said in his 2010 Predictions that ‘another right-wing blogger would be hired by the MacIver Institute?’

Yeah, still hasn’t happened Jay, but you’ve got six months to go.

Well on that same vine, I have been hired by a political campaign and start today as a Researcher (I’ll let the FEC filings in future weeks tell you which one), so because of that, I will be once again shuttering Lakeshore Laments until after Election Day.

If I do post anything it might be an occasion cartoon of the day or a photo of flowers.  I think that should be okay given other precedents out there in campaigners who blog.

See ya around folks.

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  • Cindy Kilkenny

    I'll miss you! Have a great campaign. –Cindy

  • Help Ron open that can of whoop-ass on Russ!!

  • Keep in touch Kevin, and congratulations.

  • Congrats Kevin. Will miss seeing your insight into the WI-08 race.

  • Al

    hope your'e getting paid this time!!!!

    not just a free trip to the dekks!!

  • kevinbinversie

    First of all, it was the Dells. Learn how to spell numb nuts.

    Secondly, why do you assume that $1,000 I got from the Green Campaign was
    all I got, or my only source of pay in 2006. Every look at RNC filings from
    that time? I was on the “Victory Campaign,” so they cut my checks.

    And finally, yes, I'll be getting paid. I'll let the FEC filings tell you
    how much.