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The Census Takers are Coming

Haven’t turned in your Census form yet?  Well, get ready for a visitor.

If you haven’t returned your census form yet, this could be the weekend you get a visit from a census taker.

Starting Saturday, the U.S. Census Bureau is sending workers door to door to follow up with households that didn’t complete or return their forms.

In most cases, census workers will visit in the afternoons, early evenings and on weekends. They’re instructed to identify themselves with a census ID badge that has a Department of Commerce watermark.

Census takers will visit each address up to three times. Each time they don’t get an answer they’ll leave a phone number the resident can call to schedule an interview.

Census spokesman Stanley Moore asks that residents cooperate with census takers. He notes they’ve taken an oath never to reveal any private data.

No word if it will look (or go) anything like this.

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