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How did I miss this?

Apparently Terrell Owens isn’t satisfying with just throwing his current QB under the bus, but all Quarterbacks he’s ever played with.  Oh, and for an encore, he tells us Jerry Rice was only the greatest football player to ever strap on the pads because he had great quarterbacks.

“I know hands-down I’d be close to Jerry Rice’s records if I had been with quality quarterbacks like he had. He had Joe Montana and he finished with Steve Young. That wasn’t a drop-off.

“Say I had been with a guy like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Drew Brees all of my career. Are you kidding me?”

Good to see T.O. has humbled so much with his year-long exile to Buffalo.

Polls are funny things

So after spending the week attacking Rasmussen, will lefty bloggers in WI now latch onto them since they appear to be the only pollster so far (Gallup did not) who caught a post-SOTU bounce for President Obama?

Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Notice to Readers

1) After a year of being back, I’m getting bored with the current template, will probably be experimenting with a new one in coming days.

2) Don’t expect a lot of “Tommy vs. Russ” talk on the blog.  It’s not a statement on my level of support towards a possible Thompson candidacy or his ability to beat Feingold.  In actuality, I’m pretty sure that a possible Thompson campaign could raise a large amount of money with ease and make this one hell of a race to observe and comment on.

No, the reason I won’t talk a lot about a “Tommy vs. Russ” race is simply put, it’s not worth talking about a “Tommy-Russ” race until there actually a “Tommy-Russ” race.  This isn’t my first time at this rodeo and I’m not an ideologue who needs to sleep at night knowing the biggest fraud Wisconsin’s seen since “Fighting Bob” will be back in the Senate.

A Sign of Their Collapse

The Washington Times had an op-ed yesterday mentioning the crown jewel of assets owned by the UAW, the “Education Center” — try million-dollar 5-star resort — at Black Lake is up for sale.  Seems the automakers unions no longer has the money (from union dues) to maintain upkeep, which has topped $25 million over the past five years.

By the Logic of Jay Bullock…

I’ll do my traditional post on this fully when I have all numbers in front of me (waiting for Savard and Williams on the GOP side), but a quick glance at FEC reports show that combined, Trager, Ribble, Roth, and McCormick out-raised incumbent Steve Kagen in Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional district.

So if I’m remembering my blog posts from 2005-2006, according to Jay Bullock, being out-raised by the opposing party; that means bad things for Kagen in November, right?

Cook Unloads on the “B-Plus”

Heck of a column in the National Journal by political handicapper Charlie Cook of the “Cook Political Report” writes the following at National Journal.

Congressional Democrats are hardly blameless on this, but it is the president who sets the agenda and largely runs the show. After his historic election to the presidency, Obama had a lot of political capital. But by opting to push a deeply flawed and insufficiently robust economic stimulus package, one that failed to keep unemployment from rising far higher than the administration expected, Obama committed his first presidential sin. Some observers argue that the $787 billion stimulus package was the biggest the president thought he could get. A far more persuasive argument is that he wanted to save his political capital for causes nearer and dearer to his heart. Making matters worse, the legislation lost credibility because Obama let the stimulus become a Christmas tree for all kinds of pet Democratic projects. Instead of being seen as a much-needed economic shot-in-the-arm, the package was widely viewed as wasteful spending.

The second presidential sin: Instead of immediately pivoting back to the economy when unemployment proved to be worse than anticipated, Obama plowed ahead with health care reform, all but yelling, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!” That enraged voters still more.

The third presidential sin was failure to appreciate the intensely negative public reaction to the Troubled Asset Relief Program, initiated in the waning months of the Bush administration and carried through under Obama, and to the various bailouts and takeovers. In my judgment, these rescue operations were essential because our financial system was teetering on the verge of collapse. But many voters were horrified that the role and reach of government were suddenly expanding exponentially and deficits were skyrocketing. That response — combined with negative reactions to Democrats’ handling of the stimulus, health care, and climate change — triggered a revolt even among many Americans not already up in arms over the failure to pay more attention to jobs.

Because of his trio of sins, Obama’s job-approval ratings dropped more in his first year than those of any other president in recent times. With each of these sins, many congressional Democrats were at least enablers and often willing co-conspirators. Obama may have led them off a cliff, but they seemed determined to go along.

Now Democrats’ hold on the House is increasingly precarious. Technically, not enough Democratic seats are in extreme jeopardy for analysts to conclude that the party will lose the chamber. But if Democrats stay on their current downward trajectory, their majority will be history. The retirements that are likely to result from almost any deterioration in the House Democrats’ current situation would reduce their chances of maintaining control to 50-50.

For a guy both sides trust for clearheaded analysis of the American political environment, it’s a powerful indictment.

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  • Fred

    You expect left wing logic to be applied the same way in reverse?