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2010 Predictions

Been thinking about this for some time, so I want to do two sets of predictions for 2010.  One which will be serious, one completely silly and me kidding around.

So first…

The Silly Ones

1) There will still be no flying cars.  Because of this, out-of-work trial lawyers and unemployed recent law school graduates will go to Alabama and for the work, start a class-action lawsuit against the federal government (Owners of GM and Chrysler), Ford, Disney, and Hollywood for “Failure to Make Imagination Real.”

By the end of 2010, the suit will go International.

2) Chris “Capper” Liebenthal will be lost at sea pursuing a white whale on The Pequod.

3) Owen Robinson doubles his blogging productivity with two word long posts before he pastes the articles.

4) Apple is declared “The New Evil Empire of Technology” by the Obama Administration at the behest of Google CEO (and Obama Economic Advisor) Eric Schmidt.  At the same time, Google perfects its doomsday device meant to enslave us all in a secret bunker in California.

5) SETI will announce it has indeed finally pulled off its intent and found other intelligent life in the universe, however, they announce it on the very day America loses another celebrity through tragedy and the news gets buried and is soon forgotten.

Ok, that was fun, now on to the Real Ones.

The Real Ones

1) Oil will trade at over $100 a barrel for a portion of 2010, sending gas prices again over the $3 a gallon barrier.  Congress will do nothing to alleviate the price spike (i.e. increase domestic supply) and do the usual (Sue OPEC, Blame Speculators, Hold Congressional Hearings with Oil Copany Executives, etc.) song and dance.

2) No liberal blogger in Wisconsin will predict Scott Walker will win the Governor’s Mansion, while no conservative blogger in Wisconsin will predict Tom Barrett will win the Governor’s Mansion.

3) Wisconsin’s outstanding budget mess is bigger than anyone expects it to be or has been sold in the press.  Due to the manipulation of the 2009-2010 budget by JFC co-chairs Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison) and State Senator Mark Miller (D-Madison) to avoid a politically suicidal vote in an election year, the 2011 budget repair bill will be left to the next Governor and Legislature, and hence part of the 2010 Governor’s race.

4) Bob Ziegelbauer will be re-elected as Manitowoc County’s County Executive to another four-year term.

5) “An Institutional Magazine” like TIME, Newsweek, or U.S. News & World Report will either close its doors and end the magazine or go completely digital.

6) The only Wisconsin sports team (Pro or Division I) to either win or get close to winning a sports championship will be UW-Madison’s Women’s Hockey Team.

6a) UW-Whitewater will have its third consecutive D-3 Football Championship match-up against Mount Union.

7) The NFL and the NFLPA will not reach a new collective bargaining agreement, increasing the chances of the 201o season being “Uncapped” and the 2011 season being possibly played by replacement players.

8) Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan stays put and is not removed from office.

9) Neither the Packers or the Vikings are the NFC representative to Super Bowl XLIV.

10) “Iron Man 2” out-performs the original at the box office.

11) For the second straight year, Fox Broadcast wins the ratings battle of the four major broadcast networks.  NBC reconsiders the move of Jay Leno to 10 Eastern/9 Central.

12) Something called “Health Insurance Reform” passes both chambers of Congress, but it never is enacted as it is held up perpetually in the Courts.

13) Justice John Paul Stevens will retire from the Supreme Court of the United States.

14) A major social network (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) will go out of business.

15) The GOP will capture the State Senate by capturing at least two seats and the State Assembly by capturing five or six seats while losing only the Brett Davis seat.

16) Scott Walker wins the Governor’s election 52% to 48% over Tom Barrett.

17) J.B. Van Hollen wins re-election as Wisconsin’s Attorney General.

18) Dawn Marie Sass doesn’t survive her primary challenger for re-election for State Treasurer.  (No prediction for General election since GOP candidate Joe Punzel just announced he was withdrawing from the race.)

19) Russ Feingold is re-elected to the U.S. Senate.

20) Despite headlines in Politico and the MSM, desires of liberal Democrats, and noise made by fights between the NRSC/RNC/NRCC and the blog RedState and others, no “Civil War” ever materializes between “Establishment Republicans” and “the Tea Party Movement” in 2010.

21) GOP nonetheless captures four to seven Senate seats.  One of them being Connecticut’s Chris Dodd who refuses to retire or step aside to help ensure the seat stays in Democratic hands.  The GOP captures between 25 to 30 House seats.  In Wisconsin, history repeats itself, but not in a manner Steve Kagen wants.  Like in 1978, a Roth defeats a two-term Democrat in WI-08 who used two straight cycles of anti-Republican sentiment to stay in Congress.  In WI-03, Kapanke makes it close, but comes up short.  While in WI-07, Sean Duffy fails in his bid, but is close enough he’s put at the top of the list of “go-to guys” to run for the seat when Obey final retires.

22) Speaking of Congressional retirements, talk begins to swirl after November about Sensenbrenner, Petri, Obey, and Kohl all being possible retirements.

23) I finally breakdown and buy one of the following tech devices this year: A Digital SLR camera, an HD TV of 720P or more, or the new rumored Apple tablet.

24) There will be more talk about Brewers GM Doug Melvin’s off-season moves (or lack thereof) than Packers GM Ted Thompson’ off-season moves (or lack thereof).

The Cardinals again repeat as NL Central Champions.  The Phillies win the World Series.

25) Neither Steven Avery or Brandon Dassey will be granted a new trial for the murder of Teresa Halbach.

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  • jim k

    why on earth do you project Kagen to lose every election?

    he's making you look pretty uninformed.

    or is it just wishful thinking?

  • jk

    Ok clearly you aren't very good at this!!!

    how can you predict something won't happen when it already happened 3 weeks ago?
    # 2 is already a lost cause…see below.

  • kevinbinversie

    You assume that people view Cindy as a conservative blog.

  • So I disagree with the status-right-quo and now I'm not conservative? That attitude is what's doing the right in, folks. Wake up!

  • ScottR

    Cindy/ JK

    You are now in Kevin's World here.
    Rule no. 1 is that He is always right no matter how ridicolous or hypocritical he is.

    For Example…

    Gov Doyle gives job/appointment to a political Friend….BAD GUV

    Kev works for Mark Green then Green Gets Bush to give him a DC gig…OK

    Public Union employees with big salaries, pensions and benefits….BAD

    “Cousin BOB” collecting 2 public salaries, 2 pensions and benefits…OK

  • KB

    Unless I'm mistaken, US News & World Report went entirely digital a year ago.

  • kevinbinversie

    No, US News still publishes a dead tree version, but it's now monthly.
    They've been doing that since 2008.

  • jim k

    oh thats why they call him hippo….

    i think most of his stuff is very Disingenuous

  • Jib

    6a was a pretty good prediction, Kev. It happened in 2007! 2010 would be 6 straight years of UWW and Mount Union.

  • Sean k

    This is What you came up with after thinking about it for ' Some Time”.

    Don't know what field of work you are in.

    But Clearly it shouldn't be political or Govt related!

  • Mark

    Actually, Reid Ribble will beat Kagen. Other than that, I agree with most of what you posted!