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Favre: “I May Have Cracked Rib”

How and when did this happen exactly?

Did he fall out of bed wrong?  Was he not wearing the special QB Red Jersey, or did he fall off the tractor?

Brett Favre told ESPN before the Minnesota Vikings‘ game on Monday that he suspects he may have a cracked rib.

Favre hasn’t had an official diagnosis, but he says taking a deep breath causes discomfort. The 39-year-old quarterback isn’t listed on the injury report and no other other Vikings official mentioned the injury pregame.

The three-time MVP says he has no plans to wear any kinds of special padding, saying “the damage is done.” Favre is expected to play the entire first half against the Houston Texans.

Favre, who signed a $25 million deal with the Vikings on Aug. 18, completed just one pass for four yards over two series in his Minnesota debut just days later.

Me?  I’ll believe it when I see it.  Favre may indeed be injured, but it could also be all a stunt to either get more rest as he continues to work the rust of not being at training camp off or wants the Texans to lay up on him.

That, or he’s not injured, fakes it, and then has a great game to grow the legend.

Sorry if that sounds overly cynical, but I’m taking this season with Brett Favre in Vi-queens purple as he is not the down home country boy who plays for the love of the game, but is a master manipulator who will do and say anything to get his way.

Also, when did he get a medical degree?  I doubt he’s qualified to self-diagnose.

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