Wasn’t This Only Supposed to Happen in a Romney Presidency?

And the bull­shit that was the “Big Bird dies!” sto­ry­line from 2012 con­tin­ues to high­light what a bunch of crap it truly was.  But hey, it fooled a ton of low-information vot­ers didn’t it?

Once again Sesame Work­shop is hand­ing out pink slips. Around 30 employ­ees at the pro­duc­ers of Sesame Street were let go today. This comes just more than a year after a dozen employ­ees were shown the door at the non-profit last May. “We at Sesame Work­shop are not immune to the chal­lenges of today’s eco­nomic envi­ron­ment. After care­ful review, we have con­cluded that we must oper­ate, and achieve our strate­gic pri­or­i­ties with fewer resources. There­fore, we have reluc­tantly deter­mined that we must reduce our work­force by approx­i­mately 10%,” said CEO H. Melvin Ming in a note sent to staff this after­noon. Among those who have been let go are for­mer Newsweek Inc CEO and Nick­elodeon exec­u­tive Tom Ascheim, who joined the com­pany in March 2012 as EVP of the Sesame Learn­ing pro­gram. Sesame Learn­ing will be absorbed into other divi­sions of the com­pany, Ming said today. The CEO also announced that the Cor­po­rate Strat­egy and the Busi­ness Sys­tems Pro­gram­ming groups will be dis­solved as of July 1st. Sesame Workshop’s Global Edu­ca­tion depart­ment will also be melded into other units.

From the sound of this release, it would be safe to say that Sesame Workshop’s mer­chan­dise busi­ness has taken it on the chin in the lax econ­omy.  It is the 800 lbs. gorilla in the com­pany and if par­ents aren’t buy­ing the “Tickle-Me-Elmos” and “See-and Say Big Birds” (if such a toy even exists) in the num­bers they once did, as sim­ple as that.

As for any fed­eral fund­ing, no money has been cut from pub­lic broad­cast­ing this year, or ever.  In fact, it likely increased. Back in the 90s, it was $100 mil­lion.  Last year, it was $430 million.

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