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Does Chelsea Clinton Wish Her Grandmother Was Never Born?

Oh the things those crazy lib­er­als must say to be as one with the abor­tion on demand crowd.

Okay, this is just mind-boggling stu­pid for any­one, let alone a Stan­ford alum (the Har­vard of the West…) to say given the logic behind it.

From the stage at the recent Women Deliver con­fer­ence, for­mer US Sec­re­tary of State Hillary Clinton’s daugh­ter Chelsea revealed that her much-admired mater­nal grand­mother was the child of unwed teenage par­ents who “did not have access to ser­vices that are so cru­cial that Planned Par­ent­hood helps provide.”

Chelsea’s grand­mother was born of an unin­tended preg­nancy. And new research shows that her fam­ily is not alone in trea­sur­ing a per­son who – if Planned Par­ent­hood had been suc­cess­ful – would not have been born.

For those who don’t know the time­line, Dorothy How­ell Rod­ham, the sagely grand­mother of Chelsea who passed away in 2011 at the age of 92, was born in 1919 when her mother — Della Mur­ray How­ell — was only 17.  Her great-grandfather at the time was 22 and a Chicago-area firefighter.

Planned Par­ent­hood, then called “The Amer­i­can Birth Con­trol League,” wasn’t founded by known (and proud) eugen­ics advo­cate Mar­garet Sanger until 1921.  Sanger’s first clinic was founded in Brook­lyn in 1916.  She later opened one in Harlem where most of the staff and the patients were African Americans.

Sanger is well-known for advo­cat­ing birth con­trol and con­tra­cep­tion for the pur­pose to “assist the race toward the elim­i­na­tion of the unfit.”  So…does Chelsea want to go on record as say­ing that her own beloved grand­mother was “unfit” to live, or does that apply to some­one else?  And if so, who and how?

Iron­i­cally, Mar­garet Sanger her­self was against abor­tion, you can actu­ally find writ­ings by her on the sub­ject.  Her work was mostly focused on birth con­trol / ster­il­iza­tion efforts until her death.  It was only after she passed that Planned Par­ent­hood shifted its major­ity focus towards one of abor­tion and preg­nancy termination.

On one level, I get what Chelsea is say­ing, that we need to avoid teenage preg­nan­cies as best we can.  But that includes a holis­tic approach to sex edu­ca­tion that isn’t just either all about con­doms or all about absti­nence, but offers a real­is­tic eco­nomic cost to what hav­ing a child at 16 or 17 is going to do for your future.  Unfor­tu­nately, too many hard­lin­ers on the Left don’t wish to have that con­ver­sa­tion, hid­ing behind rhetoric of “it’s racist and judg­men­tal to say so,” “kids are going to have sex any­way” or “so what if they become per­ma­nent fix­tures of the wel­fare state?”

On the other hand, the for­mer first daugh­ter, really needs to work on her level of con­text at her speak­ing engage­ments.  You’d think the failed exper­i­ment which was NBC News using her as a “Spe­cial Cor­re­spon­dent” would have taught her that words mean some­thing, depend­ing on how they’re said — hell, her father’s entire pres­i­dency should have, don’t you think?

(By the way, it isn’t lost on me how as a pro-life Catholic how much more I know about the his­tory of the pro-choice move­ment than most peo­ple who pro­claim them­selves as “Pro-Choice.”  Guess I have to blame Sun Tzu for that; you know, the whole “Know thy enemy’ thing and all.)

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    I wish both her grand­moth­ers were never born. This nation would be so bet­ter off.