Ricin Found in Letter to Senator

Looks like it is indeed 2001 all over again…

An enve­lope sent to an office of Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) included a sub­stance that has tested pos­i­tive for Ricin, two sources say.

It was not imme­di­ately clear when the enve­lope was received or whether it was sent to his Wash­ing­ton, D.C., office or a field office.

Home­land Secu­rity Sec­re­tary Janet Napoli­tano and FBI Direc­tor Robert Mueller are brief­ing sen­a­tors now.

It’s hard to truly say that “vig­i­lance over ter­ror­ism” has been a top agenda item — hell top twenty if we’re lucky — of the Obama Admin­is­tra­tion.  They have spent the bulk of their time run­ning DHS hunt­ing after right-wing boo­giemen which never existed why at the same time going mealy-mouthed when they actu­ally have to con­front it.

Fort Hood?  Oh, that’s a “work­place inci­dent” even though the shooter was heard by a num­ber of wit­nesses to be scream­ing “Allah Akbar!” while fir­ing and known to fre­quently inter­act online with an al Queda mas­ter­mind.  That al Queda mas­ter­mind was so high up on the DOD’s kill list, he and his 16 year old son got taken out in an unmanned drone strike.

Beng­hazi?  That’s not ter­ror­ism, that’s over a video.  And besides…what dif­fer­ence does it make, right Sec. Clinton?

This ricin let­ter may or may not pan out to be real — the ones in 2004 might have been false pos­i­tives — but to see the non­cha­lant atti­tude com­ing from the White House and var­i­ous sub­or­di­nates in the past cou­ple of days is rather dis­tress­ing.  This is an admin­is­tra­tion that clearly doesn’t want to deal with ter­ror­ism, whether its right in front of them or not.


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