SNL Brings Back “The Five-Timers” Club

They must really like Justin Tim­ber­lake around Stu­dio 8H at Rock­e­feller Cen­ter.  (That’s the actual loca­tion where they tape “Sat­ur­day Night Live.”)

Not men­tioned, but often teased at since intro­duced as a con­cept in 1990, the SNL “Five-Timers Club” was brought back to wel­come for­mer ‘N Snyc front man Justin Tim­ber­lake as their newest member.

For­mer inductees Steve Mar­tin, Chevy Chase, Paul Simon (not as host, but as musi­cal guest), Can­dice Bergen (the first woman mem­ber), Alec Bald­win (the cur­rent holder of “Most Times as SNL Host” at 16), and Tom Hanks all came back to wel­come him.  Also mak­ing appear­ances as “club staff” were for­mer cast mem­bers Mar­tin Short and Dan Aykroyd.

Here’s the orig­i­nal 1990 sketch with Tom Hanks being inducted.   As you can see, Steve Mar­tin and Paul Simon had already earned their mem­ber­ships, as well has come­dian Elliot Gould.  Staff waiter at the time was for­mer cast mem­ber Jon Lovitz.

Do take notice at who the door­man of the club is.  “Sean” might look a bit familiar.

Also, I can’t believe they left out the “Club Hand­shake” for Tim­ber­lake.  Guess he’s not “that great.”

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  • james wigder­son

    Is that when Paul Simon and Edie Brick­ell met?

  • kev­in­bin­ver­sie

    No, that was two years ear­lier in 1988; but it was at the set of SNL when Simon stopped by when she was musi­cal guest when Matt Modine hosted.