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John Doe” Ends with a Whimper, Not Charges

Some­one go check on “cap­per,” he might have to go on the sui­cide watch.

The nearly three-year-old John Doe inves­ti­ga­tion into aides and asso­ciates of Gov. Scott Walker is closed, the judge who is over­see­ing that probe said Friday.

Neal Nettesheim, a retired state appeals court judge, said he entered an order Feb. 21 con­clud­ing the probe. The deci­sion was made pub­lic after Mil­wau­kee County Dis­trict Attor­ney John Chisholm con­cluded paper­work in the case.

No new charges will come from the John Doe inves­ti­ga­tion, Nettesheim said.

Chisholm con­firmed the end of the inves­ti­ga­tion in a state­ment. “After a review of the John Doe evi­dence, I am sat­is­fied that all charges that are sup­ported by proof beyond a rea­son­able doubt have now been brought and con­cluded. As a con­se­quence, last week my office peti­tioned for, and Judge Nettesheim has granted, the clo­sure of the John Doe investigation.”

Mil­wau­kee pros­e­cu­tors launched a secret John Doe inves­ti­ga­tion into aides and asso­ciates of Walker nearly three years ago. Walker’s chief of staff con­tacted pros­e­cu­tors over sus­pi­cions that more than the $11,000 was miss­ing from Oper­a­tion Free­dom, a fund used to pay for an annual event to honor vet­er­ans and their families.

The inves­ti­ga­tion later was broad­ened into other areas, includ­ing another embez­zle­ment case involv­ing Oper­a­tion Free­dom money and two county employ­ees in Walker’s office doing cam­paign work while at their taxpayer-paid county jobs.

Long­time Walker aide Tim­o­thy D. Rus­sell pleaded guilty Nov. 29 to steal­ing more than $21,000 in Oper­a­tion Free­dom money. He was sen­tenced to two years in prison in Jan­u­ary. Kelly Rind­fleisch, who worked for Walker in the county executive’s office in 2010, was sen­tenced Nov. 19 to six months in jail for cam­paign fundrais­ing at the cour­t­house using a secret email sys­tem installed there.

Dar­lene Wink, Walker’s con­stituent ser­vices coor­di­na­tor at the county, pleaded guilty to two mis­de­meanors for doing cam­paign work while on the county clock.

Nettesheim noted that no new tes­ti­mony had been taken in the inves­ti­ga­tion in months. The case had been kept open as a way to release doc­u­ments tied to the crim­i­nal charges that already had been filed.

No new tes­ti­mony had been taken in the inves­ti­ga­tion in months…”  Hey, remem­ber when our side was say­ing this thing was pretty much over around Labor Day last year and the Left went nuts about it?

Guess who was right?

Oh, I full expect “Walk­er­Gate” updates to con­tinue.  Why?  Because the Left in this state has noth­ing else.

They are obsessed about this, so they have to hang onto it.  They also have NOTHING BUT LOSERS when it comes to poten­tial can­di­dates for 2014 that they have to keep pro­ject­ing that Russ Fein­gold can come to their res­cue as some sort of white knight.

My advice to them regard­ing Fein­gold — Move on, and buy his book.  He’ll be sell­ing it more than him­self for the next few months, if not years.

My other advice to those who have noth­ing bet­ter to do but con­tinue to make an ass out of them­selves over the John Doe, may best be shown visually.



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    it’s good to know that Walker was an incom­pe­tence office man­ager as Mil­wau­kee Co Exec and not corrupt.