Remember: Sequestration is the White House’s Idea

We’re in an all-out blitz by the Obama press machine to try to stop the manda­tory spend­ing cut ($85 Bil­lion) before the March 1 dead­line, one thing you won’t be hear­ing a lot — at least from Democ­rats — is that the entire thing was Obama’s idea.

Iron­i­cally, it is CNN which is the first out of the box to remind us that before their prime-time pro­grams try to tell us otherwise.

 I have some con­cerns about the seques­tra­tion, most of them about where it will be applied in the Pen­ta­gon; which is already work­ing lean after four years of Obama and “smart-lean” of for­mer George W. Bush SecDef Robert Gates.

The rest?  Fed­eral gov­ern­ment deserves a hair cut, even one as minor — and it is minor in a $3.6 Tril­lion bud­get — as this one.

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