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Erick Erickson Has Officially Lost it

I was will­ing to give him a pass for 2012 and back­ing Mark Neumann.

But how the hell do defend — let alone for­give and then endorse for a run for Con­gress — an admit­ted liar, adul­terer and God only knows what else in for­mer South Car­olina Gov. Mark Sanford?

Con­ser­v­a­tives take the hard­est line and exile their own who have failed them to the sidelines.

They should. We have val­ues and when those val­ues are betrayed by those who fight with us, we must often show them tough love and show them the door.

But we do a ter­ri­ble job with for­give­ness and reha­bil­i­ta­tion. Mark San­ford walked out of the Governor’s Man­sion and out of pub­lic life for a while. He comes back as con­ser­v­a­tives in Con­gress are fight­ing on all fronts, out num­bered, depressed, and need­ing every man capa­ble of man­ning the ramparts.

Mark San­ford can man the ram­parts. Unlike his oppo­nents, he has a stel­lar and uncom­pro­mis­ing record as a lim­ited gov­ern­ment, pro-life, fis­cal conservative.

I am will­ing to for­give him. And I’m will­ing to be grace­ful. We need him. There’s no bet­ter alter­na­tive. He’s with us. I endorse him with­out reser­va­tion. I hope the vot­ers of South Car­olina will show him grace and put him back in the fight at this des­per­ate hour for fis­cal conservatives.

Erick Erickson’s mind has offi­cially gone for a trip on the Appalachian Trail…

We don’t “need him” as Erick puts it.  We don’t need him to be used by the media as a punch­line, as a reminder to his past deeds, to be her­alded as an exam­ple of “GOP Hypocrisy” in the realm of fam­ily val­ues and other social planks of the party.

There are no doubt any num­ber of strong, viable can­di­dates in what is an over­whelm­ingly GOP-majority Con­gres­sional District.

Since this is for a House seat in South Car­olina, I can only fathom what else is going on in the back­ground know­ing some of the play­ers Erick­son is known to meet with behind the scenes.

Last week I got chas­tised by some for being too rough on Erick­son in my piece on RightWiscon­sin.  Hon­estly, I left him off the hook for a few other things I’ve heard about via rumors.  I at least have the stones to know a wannabe charleton and point him out when I see one,  not sure I can say the same about those who went after me last week.

Don’t know about them, but I take it as a mat­ter of pride that my invites to the annual Red­State Gath­er­ing are “lost in the mail.”   Hav­ing Erick­son endorse San­ford for Con­gress only con­firms he’s only look­ing out for him­self most of the time, not the move­ment, not the party.  Just him­self, his web­site and his radio show in Atlanta.

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    It’s offi­cial. Erick Erick­son is more about Erick Erick­son than the con­ser­v­a­tive movement.