Taco Bell to go for an Encore with Doritos Taco

Don’t count me as thrilled by this news.

While I love the Dori­tos Locos Taco, I’ve never been a fan of “Cool Ranch” fla­vored Dori­tos.   Well we will know in a cou­ple of months which is the bet­ter sell­ing taco.

Taco Bell fans can finally mark their cal­en­dars: Dori­tos Locos Tacos in Cool Ranch fla­vor will be launched March 7.

The chain is rolling out the new vari­ety a year after the Dori­tos Locos Tacos were launched in a Nacho Cheese fla­vor. Taco Bell says it already sold more than 350 mil­lion of finger-staining tacos, mak­ing them the biggest ever prod­uct launch.

CEO Greg Creed has told the Asso­ci­ated Press that Dori­tos Locos Tacos now account for about a quar­ter of all taco sales. Creed says he plans to keep intro­duc­ing new Dori­tos fla­vors as well. Next up is a “Fla­mas” fla­vor, a Dori­tos vari­ety sold in select regions of the coun­try with higher His­panic populations.

The tacos have helped Taco Bell stage a come­back after a law­suit in 2011 alleg­ing its beef shouldn’t be labeled as such because of its other ingre­di­ents. The suit was later dropped.

Taco Bell had orig­i­nally planned to release the Cool Ranch vari­ety last year. But the chain says it post­poned the launch after the Nacho Cheese fla­vor got such a strong response. Spec­u­la­tion had been build­ing online over when the Cool Ranch vari­ety would come out. Taco Bell made the announce­ment Wednes­day on social media sites Twit­ter, Face­book and YouTube.

The chain says it will sup­port the launch of Cool Ranch tacos with its biggest ever mar­ket­ing campaign.

I’ve hon­estly lost track on the cur­rent num­ber of Dori­tos fla­vors out there.  My guess is there is at least a half-dozen by now.  No word pend­ing from Yum Brands (which owns Taco Bell and was once a part of Pep­siCo) and Frito Lays (which owns Dori­tos and remains a part of Pep­siCo) if future fla­vored tacos are com­ing down the line.

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