We Are Doomed…Demographically Speaking

His book “What to Expect When No One’s Expect­ing” is in the mail for me, but my fel­low con­ser­v­a­tive comic book geek (we got acquainted when I emailed him after he wrote this in 2011) Jonathan Last, the other senior writer at The Weekly Stan­dard, is on the media jun­ket pro­mot­ing it.

Last night he ven­tured onto Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and their online stream­ing series “Real News” about the demo­graphic hur­dles many devel­oped nations in Europe and even within some states are hav­ing due to declin­ing birthrates, aging pop­u­la­tions, and the prob­lems which spring up from hav­ing less and less young peo­ple to pay for enti­tle­ment pro­grams, to spark inno­va­tion and in the end keep a soci­ety and cul­ture going.

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