Post Office to End Saturday Service

It will be an odd adjust­ment to get used to, but frankly, I won’t miss it.  This move should have been done years ago.

Of course, it wouldn’t be nec­es­sary if they actu­ally had the balls to pay the Post­mas­ter Gen­eral like any other pub­lic employee instead of a mid-six-figure salary (said to be $400K to $500K) and deal with its high union and pen­sion costs.

The U.S. Postal Ser­vice will stop deliv­er­ing mail on Sat­ur­days in an effort to cut costs for the finan­cially strug­gling gov­ern­ment agency, the Asso­ci­ated Press reported Tuesday.

USPS will save $2 bil­lion annu­ally and will begin the cut in August. Pack­age deliv­ery will continue.

USPS Wash­ing­ton D.C.-area spokesman George Maf­fett told POLITICO that USPS will issue a five-year finan­cial plan in early March, some of which will be announced later Wednes­day, though he did not con­firm that Sat­ur­day mail deliv­ery was stopping.

The Postal Ser­vice plans to issue a revised com­pre­hen­sive five-year finan­cial plan in early March. This plan will iden­tify impor­tant cost reduc­tion activ­i­ties and steps to restore the Postal Ser­vice to long-term finan­cial sta­bil­ity. On Wednes­day, we plan to dis­cuss some of these addi­tional cost reduc­tions,” Maf­fett said.

As more Amer­i­cans are rely­ing on email instead of postal let­ters, Maf­fett noted that the agency must reeval­u­ate its fis­cal path for­ward in order to survive.

The Postal Ser­vice is cur­rently on an unsus­tain­able finan­cial path and must move for­ward with actions that are respon­si­ble and nec­es­sary,” Maf­fett said.

You mean all the increased junk mail didn’t say them?  No kidding.

The real tragedy of this move is that even though this will save $2B for the USPS, they had an annual loss of nearly $16B in fis­cal 2012.  There’s a lot more left to cut.

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