Questions I’ve Been Pondering…

1] It just me, or does Chris Larsen sound a lot like those who 15 years ago were say­ing we’d need a decade to tap and deliver the oil which could be found in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge when he’s talk­ing about it need­ing seven years before the jobs appear?

Funny, we haven’t started drilling in ANWR yet either…

If you want to say you’re for job growth, you’re going to have to even­tu­ally allow the first steps.  A cake doesn’t bake itself, a rela­tion­ship doesn’t just hap­pen, and invest­ment doesn’t work on a clock set by hands of gov­ern­ment interventionists.

2] If it is now “vol­un­tary” to let women into com­bat, when do women groups lobby Con­gress to write leg­is­la­tion that would force 18 year-old women do what 18 year-old men do: File for Selec­tive Service?

No doubt the basis for the entire exer­cise by out-going SecDef Leon Panetta is the prac­tices of the Israeli Defense Forces (in which women serve), so why not go the full route and have women con­scripted as well (which all Israelis also do).

3] When doesn’t the NFL just end the Pro Bowl?

It’s been called the game every­one wants to selected to and no one wants to play.  Like usual, I’m skip­ping the game and going to watch some­thing else instead.  One almost feels sorry for Fox Sports hav­ing the con­tract to broad­cast the game.

In the near future, the NFL should just have a nice din­ner and awards cer­e­mony for the All-Pros in the Super Bowl city (most of these guys will be there any­way) and give them a paid voucher for an all-expenses paid trip to Hon­olulu that can be used dur­ing the off-season.

There, think that makes every­one happy.

4] Will the media even bother report­ing that the Obama Jobs Coun­cil ends this week and might not be renewed?

The two-year exec­u­tive order which estab­lished the group expires on the 31st.  They haven’t met in over a year.  Sort of tells you how impor­tant job cre­ation has been to this presidency.

Of course, the lack of men­tion­ing it dur­ing his sec­ond inau­gural address ought to have been a clue.

5]  How come lib­er­als get more chances than in the media than conservatives?

Oh, I’m prob­a­bly answer­ing my own ques­tion here, but think about it.  Locally, James Rowen lied to the press for months on end dur­ing the Mar­i­lyn Figueroa scan­dal (read the tes­ti­mony here) and he’s rewarded with his own blog at the Jour­nal Sen­tinel.  Really?

Nation­ally, it was George Stephanopoulus who for two years danced and joked around with reporters from the White House press room until ABC decided he was wor­thy of host­ing not one, but two shows.

Pity the guy can’t tell Bill Rus­sell and Mor­gan Free­man apart.

6] Am I really to believe “Obama for America’s” email list can beat the NRA’s mem­ber­ship list?

One of the best laughs I’ve had in the past week was the announce­ment from Obama deputy cam­paign man­ager Stephanie Cut­ter say­ing they’d take on the NRA one-on-one with their cam­paign email list.

For starters, it idi­otic and arro­gant for the Obama folks to assume that they didn’t get any NRA mem­bers to vote for them.  As their prim­i­tive, lib­eral minds might not under­stand this, but a lot of NRA folks are not “single-issue vot­ers” and may have indeed voted for Obama for other rea­sons.  Now, the very pres­i­dent they voted for — whom they didn’t think was going to go after their guns — is now going after their guns and thus, their right to defend their lives and their families

No won­der “Glen­garry Glen Ross” play­wright David Mamet wrote this.  He’s Jew­ish, as Hol­ly­wood as they come, and given a lot of money to Democ­rats.  And now he’s writ­ten a piece for Newsweek / The Daily Beast com­par­ing the President’s gun con­trol agenda to com­mu­nist rule and the Pol­ish vil­lage of Chelm from Jew­ish lore.

So best of luck to the pro­posed “Obama-Bloomberg” tag-team on guns.  It sounds doomed to fail.

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