Nats Unveil Latest Rip Off from the Brewers, the 5th Racing President

Of all the his­tor­i­cal pres­i­dents to pick from, they went with Taft?

(Well, expect a lot of bathtub-related jokes dur­ing the first sea­son.  [Know your his­tory kids.])

After get­ting his first ever win in 2012, Teddy has some new com­pe­ti­tion in the Wash­ing­ton Nation­als’ pres­i­dents’ race.

Pres­i­dent William Howard Taft is the Nation­als’ newest rac­ing pres­i­dent, the team unveiled at a fan event Saturday.

Taft will now join Pres­i­dents Wash­ing­ton, Lin­coln, Jef­fer­son and Teddy Roo­sevelt in the Nation­als’ 4th inning pres­i­dents’ race.

Taft, the 27th pres­i­dent, had a real-life rivalry with Teddy Roo­sevelt, the 26th, as Roo­sevelt mounted a third-party chal­lenge against Taft that led to defeat for both presidents.

Now they will bat­tle it out rac­ing around the Nation­als out­field in the pres­i­dents’ race, where Teddy is already a fan favorite.

Teddy had famously never won a race until last year, lead­ing to a web­site and Twit­ter account, “Let Teddy Win.” He broke the years-long los­ing streak in the Nation­als final reg­u­lar sea­son game as they went to the play­offs for the first time.

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