Quote of the Day

From the final para­graph of the opin­ion of 7th Cir­cuit Court Judge David F. Hamil­ton, a 2009 Obama appointee to the court, on the Act 10 ruling.

Hamil­ton, con­curred in parts and dis­sented in oth­ers in a sep­a­rate opinion.

As I said at the out­set, elec­tions have con­se­quences.  The United States Con­sti­tu­tion does not for­bid all leg­is­la­tion that rewards friends and pun­ishes oppo­nents.  The prin­ci­pal pro­vi­sions of Wisconsin’s Act 10 may fit that descrip­tion, but they are still con­sti­tu­tional under the gen­er­ous stan­dard of rational-basis review.

Trans­la­tion:  Best of luck in any future appeal unionistas.

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