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Sheboygan Police to Launch Podcasts to Inform the Public

This could be inter­est­ing to watch and see how it works out.  I’m a fan of pod­casts.  They’re mobile, work great as a sub­sti­tute to mod­ern radio when I’m on long dri­ves, and another means of com­mu­ni­cat­ing a message.

Wouldn’t be shocked to see other cities and other police depart­ments copy this idea in the years ahead — if they aren’t doing it already.

For every She­boy­gan res­i­dent who has won­dered how the win­ter park­ing rules apply to his neigh­bor­hood or how to file a com­plaint, the She­boy­gan Police Depart­ment has some­thing new to offer: podcasts.

The brain­child of Offi­cer Matt Friedl, “SPD Roll Call” will be 10– to-20-minute long audio dis­cus­sions of top­ics that affect the peo­ple of She­boy­gan, includ­ing issues like scams hit­ting the area, and neigh­bor­hood policing.

Pod­casts are audio record­ings avail­able online to be lis­tened to or down­loaded to an MP3 player.

Unveiled dur­ing a press con­fer­ence Tues­day after­noon, the pod­casts — dis­cus­sions among two or three offi­cers — will be posted on the She­boy­gan Police Depart­ment web­site, www.sheboyganpolice.com, and on YouTube.

Even­tu­ally there will be an RSS feed as well, Friedl said. [This means it will be iTunes-compatible in the months ahead, if you know how to set it up.]

Friedl said he that although video pro­duc­tions might be slicker, pod­casts are an easy way for peo­ple to get infor­ma­tion while they’re doing some­thing else.

I think pod­casts are still rel­e­vant,” he said. “I lis­ten to pod­casts when I’m dri­ving around patrol. I would love for every­one to come in my neigh­bor­hood that I’m assigned to and meet me in per­son, but I under­stand the dif­fi­culty in doing that. This is a lit­tle more infor­ma­tion I can get out and if helps two or three, I’m happy with that.”

Dur­ing his state­ment Tues­day, Chief Christo­pher Doma­gal­ski said the depart­ment is always look­ing for new ways to com­mu­ni­cate with peo­ple, and Friedl’s idea hasn’t been tried before.

We’re still work­ing to find ways to improve meth­ods to share infor­ma­tion,” Doma­gal­ski said.

Newer pod­casts will roll out every third Mon­day of the month in the future.  So far, the depart­ment has released two pod­casts; one explain­ing the project, the other on neigh­bor­hood policing.

The project is being over­seen by Sgt. Kurt Zem­pel, who once upon a time, ran for state Assembly.

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