Quote of the Day

State Sen­a­tor Jon Erpen­bach, while try­ing to come up with a rea­son not to approve the new Sen­ate Gallery rules which would even­tu­ally lead to the ban­ning of three-time offend­ers of the chamber’s rules of decorum.

“Granted, we needed a lock­smith every once in a while.”

Sadly, I can’t find the pic­ture from 2011 of when a com­pletely despon­dent Erpen­bach was plead­ing with “Bike Lock Girl” to pro­duce the lock’s key and coop­er­ate with authorities.

This one from the Jour­nal Sen­tinel will have to do.

MJS woprotestsThe new rules passed 18–14 on a party-line vote.

Lib­er­als took the news by plac­ing bomb threats about sus­pected Molo­tov cock­tails.

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