A Tale of Two Images

Like it or not, this month (Jan. 22) marks the 40th Anniver­sary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s deci­sion known as Roe v. Wade.  To mark it, TIME mag­a­zine is going to be run­ning this cover and cover story. (H/T Alt­house)

Most inter­est­ing of the cover story’s sum­mary is this para­graph, which offers insight into the minds of many pro-abortion jour­nal­ists others.

The pro-life cause has been win­ning the abor­tion war, in part, because it has pur­sued an orga­nized and well-executed strat­egy. But pub­lic opin­ion is also increas­ingly on their side. Thanks to pre­na­tal ultra­sound and advanced neona­tol­ogy, Amer­i­cans now under­stand what a fetus looks like and that babies born as early as 24 weeks can now sur­vive. Although three-quarters of Amer­i­cans believe abor­tion should be legal in some or all cases, most sup­port state laws reg­u­lat­ing the pro­ce­dure and fewer and fewer are iden­ti­fy­ing them­selves as “pro-choice” in pub­lic opin­ion surveys.

Images you say?  You mean images like this?


That image is from an Ari­zona cou­ple, which dur­ing the birth of their third child (and first daugh­ter) via C-section, the lit­tle girl — tech­ni­cally not yet legally “born” — reached her hand out and grabbed the sur­geon.  Less than a minute later, she was out­side the womb.

That was in Octo­ber.

The doc­tor called me over and said, ‘Hey, she’s grab­bing my fin­ger.’ So I ran over there and just grabbed the shot and I was just in awe look­ing at it. It was such an amaz­ing pic­ture,” Randy Atkins told the web­site AZFamily.com. The Phoenix-based Atkins and his wife Ali­cia shared the incred­i­ble photo on Face­book the day after Christ­mas. Soon after the image was shared by hun­dreds and viewed by more than 10,000 users, mak­ing it the first and most unex­pected viral baby photo of 2013.

We didn’t think we were going to get such pos­i­tive feed­back. We thought we would get more neg­a­tive ‘that’s dis­gust­ing…’” Ali­cia remarked. “[Instead] every­body just thought it was the best thing in the world.”

Not sur­pris­ingly, the Atkins’ fam­ily photo has since become a favorite of var­i­ous state Right to Life groups.

Which brings us back to the power of images.  What is TIME and var­i­ous pro-abortion groups show­ing they want to save with their image?  In the end, a med­ical pro­ce­dure.  That might sound harsh, but it’s true.

What are pro-life groups show­ing they want to save with their image?  A human life.

And 40 years later, the media won­ders why “the forces of pro-choice” are losing?

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