Remember, It’s “An Independent Run”

Looks like AFSCME, the unions and the Demo­c­ra­tic estab­lish­ment have their guy, since Dane Co. Judge MaryAnn Sumi is a no-show.  They will be run­ning with left-wing crank pro­fes­sor (and good friend of most of the lib­eral blog­gers in this state) Ed Fal­lone as their can­di­date of choice in the upcom­ing state Supreme Court fight.

Past Fal­lone com­men­taries on var­i­ous rul­ings before the state Supreme Court have been main­stays on a num­ber of Wis­con­sin union web­sites since 2011.

This April’s state Supreme Court race will likely be the last chance the statewide left has for try­ing to derail Act 10 and much of the Walker agenda via lit­i­ga­tion.  Expect hell.

Here’s from Fallone’s cam­paign announce­ment he’s handed in 3,200 sig­na­tures to get on the bal­lot…in a press release writ­ten by for­mer Joanne Klop­pen­burg cam­paign man­ager and long-time Kath­leen Falk aide Melissa Mul­liken, who will be act­ing as cam­paign consultant.

Supreme Court Can­di­date Ed Fal­lone has sub­mit­ted about 3200 nom­i­na­tion sig­na­tures, about 1200 more than required, to the Gov­ern­ment Account­abil­ity Board (GAB). Vol­un­teers from around the State helped gather the sig­na­tures in only three weeks, after Fallone’s announce­ment of his can­di­dacy on Decem­ber 11.

Peo­ple from across Wis­con­sin urged me to run for the Court and then stepped up to help gather the nec­es­sary sig­na­tures in a very short time and in very cold weather dur­ing a hol­i­day period,” Fal­lone noted. “I am grate­ful for their efforts, their trust and con­fi­dence. The Wis­con­sin Supreme Court is dys­func­tional and the only way to fix it is to change the per­son­al­i­ties on the bench. The peo­ple of Wis­con­sin expect — and deserve — judges who respect the impor­tance of an inde­pen­dent judi­ciary and who are impar­tial and fair. That is the kind of Jus­tice I will be.”

Fal­lone also announced he has hired Nathan Schwantes to man­age the cam­paign. Schwantes has expe­ri­ence as a cam­paign man­ager (Sen­a­tor Dave Hansen), served as a leg­isla­tive aide to Sen­a­tor Tim Car­pen­ter, and helped man­age grass­roots and get out the vote efforts dur­ing the 2012 Pres­i­den­tial elec­tion. Schwantes will begin work with the cam­paign on Tues­day, Jan­u­ary 8, 2013.

Nate brings a wealth of expe­ri­ence to our cam­paign and has a great under­stand­ing of Wisconsin’s statewide polit­i­cal land­scape,” Fal­lone said. “His com­mit­ment to encour­ag­ing more peo­ple to vote and his abil­ity to get peo­ple involved in our cam­paign will be keys to our success.”

Nate Schwantes?  You mean this guy?

Schwantes LinkedIn Profile

Accord­ing to his LinkedIn pro­file, that is his cur­rent job.

Just wanted to point this out the next time some­one on the other side wants to get clever by bring­ing up a job (RPW Exec­u­tive Direc­tor) Bran­don Scholtz hasn’t had in over twenty years.  Fallone’s get­ting mem­bers of his team cur­rently on the DPW payroll.

It is too early, but no word yet if any AFL-CIO employ­ees will be mak­ing appear­ances in his commercials.

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  • Anony­mous

    Kevin, with regards to Fal­lone being a left-wing “crank” pro­fes­sor, do you make this assess­ment on your own, or are you par­rot­ing what oth­ers tell you?

    As a cur­rent MU law stu­dent, I can attest to the fact that half of the Fed Socs, at least the ones not drink­ing the Kool-Aid, will admit that Fal­lone is a rea­son­able, well-prepared, intel­li­gent pro­fes­sor and attor­ney. Do you mean “crank” to describe Fal­lone as an eccen­tric per­son? If so, how exactly? On what basis do you make such an assess­ment? Or, do you believe that he is obsessed with a par­tic­u­lar the­ory of law or jurispru­dence? You mean his blog posts on fed­er­al­ism and inter­state com­merce, or the posts ana­lyz­ing sep­a­ra­tion of pow­ers or Wis­con­sin con­sti­tu­tional inter­pre­ta­tion? Boy, that Fal­lone sure is a weirdo! Hell, why stop there? By your logic, if Fal­lone blog­ging on cur­rent events makes him a crank, Rick Esen­berg is out of his freak­ing mind.

    Hey, maybe you posted this and didn’t think any­one would ask you to explain your ad hominem attack. That’s fine; it’s your blog and we’re just along for the ride in enlight­en­ing con­ser­v­a­tive com­men­tary on the mind-numblingly obvi­ous. Just don’t be sur­prised when peo­ple who know what they’re talk­ing about stum­ble into your blog and occa­sion­ally point out your poorly-formed argu­men­ta­tion You might want to work on that if you are still think­ing about law school.

  • scoop

    Kevin Has no facts or proof for what he writes.
    He’s paid by The Koch Broth­ers and Bradley Folks.
    He just writes what they tell him too.
    he thinks what they tell him to think.

  • greencarman2000b

    Feel free to go fuck your­self, asshole.

  • greencarman2000

    Where’s the ad hominem attack, jizz stain?

  • Amy Lou Jenkins

    Call­ing Ed Fal­lone a “left-wing crank” is an ad hominem attack as is your name-calling ref­er­ence to the poster. I assume you will respond in the same man­ner to this post, because it’s much eas­ier to call names than have a log­i­cal discussion.