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Welcome to “Black Monday”

Don’t worry, you don’t have to go shopping…unless you’re an owner of a National Foot­ball League owner.

Expect coaches to be sent pack­ing.  Word is long-time Eagles head coach Andy Reid to be given his walk­ing papers.  Expect Romeo Cor­nell of the Kansas City Chiefs to be gone.  San Diego will finally be done with Norv Turner.

The real sur­prises though, might be in front offices.   Already, New York Jets Gen­eral Man­ager Mike Tan­nen­baum is gone (Rex Ryan appar­ently is stay­ing, no word yet on Sanchez and/or Tebow).

Also, if you’re a Browns fan, you’re coach is gone, expect your GM to fol­low if the new own­er­ship has its way.

Most of the “insider” types are expect­ing 9–12 coaches fired and up to 7 to 9 gen­eral man­agers will be gone by either the end of today, or the end of the week.

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