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We Needed a Survey to Prove This?

Guess what folks?  Mar­ried men will spend more than their wives on Christ­mas gifts this year.  (No really!)

The Clarus Research Group poll found the aver­age mar­ried man will spend $493 on gifts for his wife this year, while wives will spend less than half of that on their hus­bands. The aver­age mar­ried woman said she would spend $210.

Nation­wide, the aver­age gift for a spouse this year will be $345, the sur­vey found.

Gifts vary among income level, the poll showed.

Those with income above $100,000 said on aver­age they would spend $461 on gifts for their spouse. Those earn­ing less than $50,000 will spend about $198.

One thing I’d like to know is did they just go with what peo­ple spent or by how much an aver­age gift costs?  Let’s face it, based on tra­di­tional gifts a gold and dia­mond neck­lace costs much more than a new power tool or new piece of elec­tron­ics.  There seems to be very lit­tle in this story which seems to give you any idea what peo­ple are buy­ing each other.

That being said, do men go over-board at Christ­mas time?  Yes, I’ve seen my own father do it with my mother mul­ti­ple times.  How the heck women don’t know this given the easy access for cou­ples to view credit card state­ments and bank accounts (shared or oth­er­wise) prob­a­bly tells you how much peo­ple are pay­ing atten­tion to their hol­i­day spend­ing in the first place.

And is it any won­der why we’re $16 Tril­lion in the red as a nation?

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