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We Needed a Survey to Prove This?

Guess what folks?  Married men will spend more than their wives on Christmas gifts this year.  (No really!)

The Clarus Research Group poll found the average married man will spend $493 on gifts for his wife this year, while wives will spend less than half of that on their husbands. The average married woman said she would spend $210.

Nationwide, the average gift for a spouse this year will be $345, the survey found.

Gifts vary among income level, the poll showed.

Those with income above $100,000 said on average they would spend $461 on gifts for their spouse. Those earning less than $50,000 will spend about $198.

One thing I’d like to know is did they just go with what people spent or by how much an average gift costs?  Let’s face it, based on traditional gifts a gold and diamond necklace costs much more than a new power tool or new piece of electronics.  There seems to be very little in this story which seems to give you any idea what people are buying each other.

That being said, do men go over-board at Christmas time?  Yes, I’ve seen my own father do it with my mother multiple times.  How the heck women don’t know this given the easy access for couples to view credit card statements and bank accounts (shared or otherwise) probably tells you how much people are paying attention to their holiday spending in the first place.

And is it any wonder why we’re $16 Trillion in the red as a nation?

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