Christian Ponder Gets Married to ESPN Hottie in Wisconsin

Have to admit, the idea of the Min­nesota Vi-Queens QB hav­ing to cross the state bor­der to get mar­ried so no one knows who he is, is pretty funny.

Min­nesota Vikings quar­ter­back Chris­t­ian Pon­der and ESPN reporter Saman­tha Steele have tied the knot.

Pon­der con­firmed on Wednes­day that the two were mar­ried at a cour­t­house in Wis­con­sin on Monday.

A Min­nesota quar­ter­back get­ting mar­ried in Wis­con­sin? Pon­der says he knows some Vikings fans won’t be happy that their quar­ter­back decided to get mar­ried across the bor­der, but he was just try­ing to keep it quiet.

He says they wanted to get mar­ried before the hol­i­days “and for some other per­sonal rea­sons” and that it will not dis­tract him from the game against Hous­ton on Sun­day. Pon­der calls it the biggest game of his career, with the Vikings chas­ing down a play­off berth.

Ms. Steele is “the new Erin Andrews” at ESPN since Ms. Andrews left for Fox Sports ear­lier this year.  She’s pretty much taken over as the top col­lege foot­ball side­line reporter for the net­work and is co-host of a daily show on col­lege foot­ball dur­ing the week on ESPN U.

Would love to know what the “other per­sonal rea­sons” are?  The best I can come up with is that Ponder’s accoun­tant prob­a­bly told the cou­ple that they’d need to get mar­ried now and not after the New Year for tax rea­sons.  The “mar­riage penalty” kicks back in if we go over the fis­cal cliff.

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  • steveegg

    I don’t think it’s the 2012 taxes, IYKWIMAITYD.

  • kev­in­bin­ver­sie

    Best com­ment I’ve seen online regard­ing this news: “That’s the first tight end he’s con­nected with all season!”