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Walker Considering UW System Tuition Freeze?

Since his office hasn’t said anything even remotely close to what this report is saying, you have to wonder how real it is.

Governor Scott Walker says he’s considering several options to keep tuitions affordable in the University of Wisconsin System.

A Wisconsin Public Radio report says the options include freezing tuition, capping the size of tuition hikes and raising state aid.

The governor’s comments came last week when he spoke at a voucher school in Milwaukee. A high school student asked about being able to afford college, and Walker said one key is to make sure tuitions don’t keep getting raised.

Walker says he still wants the UW System to grow and provide a full breadth of programs and courses. He says he’s working with UW officials on options.

A call for a tuition freeze is nothing new.  Heck, I was hearing calls for it when I was at college myself — they never go through.

Frankly, you have to wonder how the math works out on a tuition freeze and if the state can even afford one.  For every dollar that is frozen from the amount students are paying the UW-System, another dollar would have to be subsidized from the state to cover for it.  Money, which is limited, will have to come from the taxpayers.

Would I love to see an audit of the UW System as well?  Definitely, mostly just to see if the place how bloated at the administrative level the place truly is.  There’s no doubt the system is underpaying its professors (I’m not making news here), but are they doing it at the expense of more and more bureaucrats who frankly just push papers around all day?

That’s a question I’d like to see answered first before we start freezing tuition.

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  • dad29

    Actually, the problem is Too Many UW Colleges (“Universities”). Reduce them and re-deploy the now-available cash to professorial salaries.

    The college-building spree was a compromise between Pubbies who loved building contractors and Demmies who loved the Leftism of the Education Establishment. It happened at a felicitous time, when it was thought that all societal ills would be cured through Higher Education.

    That myth persists. But mythology is not a good reason for spending the tax dollar as though it were water.

  • kevinbinversie

    Oh I concur, but you try telling telling someone with a 2-year college in their city it will be shut down. That’s gonna be fun.