Walker Considering UW System Tuition Freeze?

Since his office hasn’t said any­thing even remotely close to what this report is say­ing, you have to won­der how real it is.

Gov­er­nor Scott Walker says he’s con­sid­er­ing sev­eral options to keep tuitions afford­able in the Uni­ver­sity of Wis­con­sin System.

A Wis­con­sin Pub­lic Radio report says the options include freez­ing tuition, cap­ping the size of tuition hikes and rais­ing state aid.

The governor’s com­ments came last week when he spoke at a voucher school in Mil­wau­kee. A high school stu­dent asked about being able to afford col­lege, and Walker said one key is to make sure tuitions don’t keep get­ting raised.

Walker says he still wants the UW Sys­tem to grow and pro­vide a full breadth of pro­grams and courses. He says he’s work­ing with UW offi­cials on options.

A call for a tuition freeze is noth­ing new.  Heck, I was hear­ing calls for it when I was at col­lege myself — they never go through.

Frankly, you have to won­der how the math works out on a tuition freeze and if the state can even afford one.  For every dol­lar that is frozen from the amount stu­dents are pay­ing the UW-System, another dol­lar would have to be sub­si­dized from the state to cover for it.  Money, which is lim­ited, will have to come from the taxpayers.

Would I love to see an audit of the UW Sys­tem as well?  Def­i­nitely, mostly just to see if the place how bloated at the admin­is­tra­tive level the place truly is.  There’s no doubt the sys­tem is under­pay­ing its pro­fes­sors (I’m not mak­ing news here), but are they doing it at the expense of more and more bureau­crats who frankly just push papers around all day?

That’s a ques­tion I’d like to see answered first before we start freez­ing tuition.

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  • dad29

    Actu­ally, the prob­lem is Too Many UW Col­leges (“Uni­ver­si­ties”). Reduce them and re-deploy the now-available cash to pro­fes­so­r­ial salaries.

    The college-building spree was a com­pro­mise between Pub­bies who loved build­ing con­trac­tors and Dem­mies who loved the Left­ism of the Edu­ca­tion Estab­lish­ment. It hap­pened at a felic­i­tous time, when it was thought that all soci­etal ills would be cured through Higher Education.

    That myth per­sists. But mythol­ogy is not a good rea­son for spend­ing the tax dol­lar as though it were water.

  • kev­in­bin­ver­sie

    Oh I con­cur, but you try telling telling some­one with a 2-year col­lege in their city it will be shut down. That’s gonna be fun.