Two Colorado College Students Arrested for Poisoning with “Pot Brownies”

Yeah…um, lit­tle thing about the law. (H/T Alt­house)

The sub­stance might be legal now in Col­orado, you can’t how­ever poi­son some­one with it with­out their per­mis­sion.  Will­ful con­sump­tion with respect to the law is one thing.

Lac­ing a pan of brown­ies with­out warn­ing the folks con­sum­ing them is a recipe for jail time.

(Remind me again why the lib­er­tar­i­ans will­ingly want to wade into the muck of drug legal­iza­tion again?  Pandora’s Box is open and it leads to exces­sive gov­ern­ment regulation.)

Two stu­dents from the Uni­ver­sity of Col­orado Boul­der were arrested after they gave marijuana-laced brown­ies to their pro­fes­sor and unsus­pect­ing class­mates Friday.

Accord­ing to Ryan Huff, a spokesper­son with the Uni­ver­sity of Col­orado Boul­der Police Depart­ment, the pro­fes­sor of the class and two stu­dents were hos­pi­tal­ized, and five other stu­dents became ill after eat­ing the brownies.

At approx­i­mately 10:20 a.m. on Fri­day, police responded to the Hellems Arts and Sci­ences Build­ing on cam­pus after a pro­fes­sor became dizzy. Para­medics took the pro­fes­sor who was going in and out of con­scious­ness to a local hos­pi­tal to be treated.

Later that day, a mother of a stu­dent who was in the class ear­lier called cam­pus police to tell them her daugh­ter was hav­ing an anx­i­ety attack. The stu­dent was also taken to a local hospital.

Police said that on Sat­ur­day, a sec­ond stu­dent who was hos­pi­tal­ized told cam­pus police that she was going to “black­out” after her class on Friday.

Inves­ti­ga­tors con­cluded that the stu­dents and their pro­fes­sor were suf­fer­ing from the effects of tetrahy­dro­cannabi­nol (THC), the active ingre­di­ent in marijuana.

Huff said that 21-year-old Thomas Ricardo Cun­ning­ham and 19-year-old Mary Eliz­a­beth Essa baked the THC-laced brown­ies as part of a “bring food to class” day.

The pro­fes­sor and class­mates were all unaware that the brown­ies con­tained THC.

Cun­ning­ham and Essa were arrested Sat­ur­day and remain behind bars with­out bond at the Boul­der County Jail. They face felony charges includ­ing induc­ing con­sump­tion of con­trolled sub­stances by fraud­u­lent means, and sec­ond degree assault.

The mes­sage is:  if you are going to make marijuana-laced brown­ies or any other prod­uct that has drugs in them, and the other per­son doesn’t know, that’s a felony,” Huff said.

(No kid­ding.)

Of the 12 peo­ple in the class, 10 of them ate the brown­ies.  Those that received hos­pi­tal­iza­tion have since been released.

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