Democratic Congressional Staffers Behaving Badly

This comes from Legis­Storm, a web­site run by a non-partisan out­fit of the same name which tracks Con­gres­sional staffers, their salaries, and appar­ently now, their per­sonal blogs.

This, is what they found on the per­sonal web­site of a soon-to-be ex-staffer of retir­ing Cong. Jesse Jack­son, Jr. (D-IL).  (Best of luck job hunt­ing after this gets out.)

Con­gres­sional staff are sup­posed to work behind the scenes and leave all the head­lines for their boss. How­ever, as LegiS­torm closed the book on the tur­bu­lent tenure of departed Rep. Jesse Jack­son Jr. (D-Ill.), two of his less dis­creet staff caught our eye.

Jef­fery Mingo, an aide in the con­gres­sional district’s Home­wood, Ill. office since 2000 (and even after Jack­son left), describes him­self as an “eth­nic stud­ies scholar” and stu­dent of such sub­jects as gay stud­ies and crit­i­cal race the­ory on his pro­file. Mingo’s pro­file inter­spersed reviews of mul­ti­ple porno­graphic titles with children’s toys and cartoons. Here are Mingo’s words on “Black Tranny Whack­ers 06″ from Nov. 17:

I want to see men get busy with tran­nies. I want to see men be pas­sive with tran­nies. For those who like inter­ra­cial action, a white typ­i­cal male-black tranny combo would really show how oppo­sites can attract. How­ever, this is just black tran­nies mas­ter­ing their domains. Black tran­nies need love too!…this monkey-spanking stuff is just too bor­ing and unin­ter­est­ing to be both­ered with. Yuck! And Yawn!”

His review appeared one day after a much more glow­ing review of a DVD of “The Smurfs”. Mingo did not have much bet­ter things to say about “Frat Boys on the Loose 08″ on Oct. 18, in part because the movie fea­tured “Ken doll types” and “I like men who are fat or have chest hair.”

How­ever, his Hal­loween review of “Forced Bi Cuck­olds 05″ was more favor­able: “Here, all the men either give or receive male plea­sure. … You don’t have to be a both-ways man to enjoy this novel and excit­ing new genre. I highly rec­om­mend it.”

Mingo declined com­ment on his reviews. Within a few hours, the ones fea­tur­ing pornog­ra­phy were taken down.

A reviewer of gay porno and gay sex toys, just what Amer­ica wants up on the Hill!


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  • john­po­lit­i­calwi

    yet I am con­fused. What does this have to do with what you pur­port your blog to be about?

    A polit­i­cal weblog spe­cial­iz­ing in Wis­con­sin pol­i­tics and culture”

    Bet­ter to dis­cuss Wis­con­sin polit­i­cal peo­ple behav­ing badly…

    Prank phone calls
    50+ days of “per­sonal” time

    the list goes on

  • Robert

    Feel free to start your own blog if you don’t like what Kevin posts. It’s his time and his bandwidth.

  • Guest

    I had a reply but it appar­ently didn’t meet Kevin’s sense abil­i­ties. I guess the pur­pose of this blog will remain a con­ser­v­a­tive enigma

  • jcm

    Would you ever con­sider tak­ing your post down? You have flogged me for quite awhile and it has pre­vented me from find­ing work. I did not do any­thing to hurt any­one or do any­thing ille­gal. As an Amer­i­can adult, I have the right to watch porn, and I don’t recall review­ing a sex toy. I don’t con­sider myself to be “behav­ing badly.” I wouldn’t con­sider oth­ers of the scores of Amer­i­can men who watch porn to be bad actors either. Sin­cerely, Jef­fery Mingo