Robin Yount, Still Getting Hits After all these Years

Wel­come to the Club “Kid.”  Line up right there between Bob Knight and Dick Cheney.

Dale Sveum recently was acci­den­tally shot in the right ear dur­ing a quail hunt­ing trip with pal Robin Yount.

He got the bird,” Sveum said.

Sveum said Yount was about 50 yards ahead of him on a hill, and Yount lost track of where he was, shoot­ing at a bird behind Sveum.

He pulled the trig­ger, and I was like, ‘Uh oh,’” Sveum said. “Luck­ily I was just kind of climb­ing, look­ing for birds myself when it was behind me. So I got drilled with pel­lets in the back and one stuck in my ear.”

Sveum had to have the bee-bee removed from the ear. He said it was a “bloody” scene, but he wasn’t at all nervous.

Nah, we do it all the time,” he said. “Not that close all the time, but we do get bee-bees falling on us.”

Sveum con­firmed that after the shoot­ing he referred to Yount as Dick Cheney, the for­mer vice-president who famously shot a friend in the face dur­ing a hunt­ing accident.

Sveum asked the media not to over­play the incident.

It’s not that big a deal,” he said.


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