Russell Reaches Plea Agreement

I sup­pose that “cap­per” will be hard­est hit by this news.

What was the phrase he kept yam­mer­ing about again?  Oh yes, that was “Rus­sell was going to flip” or some such nonsense.

Yeah…really doesn’t look that is hap­pen­ing here pal.

For­mer Scott Walker aide Tim Rus­sell has reached a plea agree­ment on charges that he stole money from a fund for vet­er­ans, accord­ing to elec­tronic court records.

Lead pros­e­cu­tor Bruce Land­graf con­firmed that a hear­ing on the plea arrange­ment has been sched­uled for 1:30 p.m. Thurs­day, but declined to com­ment further.

Parker Math­ers, Russell’s lawyer, declined to com­ment on the plea deal.

Rus­sell was the last, great hope of the Walker-haters hop­ing that they could finally pin some­thing con­crete on the gov­er­nor.  Bet­ter luck next trumped up scan­dal guys.

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  • bwk­ing

    You’re miss­ing the point. If he reached a plea deal, then that means he gave up some­thing to the pros­e­cu­tor, some­thing the pros­e­cu­tor wanted. They wouldn’t cut a deal with­out some­thing in return. It’s good news for the trumped-up-scandal-guys.

  • kev­in­bin­ver­sie


  • Sheeeeeit

    Are you seri­ous? They pulled all plea deals, and then near the last minute, agreed to one. And you think that bodes well for Walker? Seems to me, someone’s cough up some juicy intel. But you go right ahead and keep your head in the sand, and con­tinue to believe there is noth­ing to see here.