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News While I Was Away

Some quick thoughts and rambles on the various things

What was Hulsey thinking?

He’s got the creepy “taking pictures of kids at beaches” thing going and he honestly thought he had a shot at being AssDem Caucus leader?  What the hell was he smoking when he was considering the public relations implications of that idea?

The Petraeus Affair

Yeah, this thing is getting weirder by the hour it seems.

Secession huh?

Seriously, stop this talk. It’s beyond idiotic.

So Larson, huh?

Quick joke — So…anyone going to ask for the result of the in-caucus vote?  Have to make sure he didn’t steal it after all.

Okay, that was lame, but it applies.

Real thoughts

1) Can you please point to me any bill which Larson himself penned which has become law?  I’m currently unable to find any.

2) This pick is more about having a proven pain in Walker’s butt as the lead attack dog than actually creating policy which would help the people of Wisconsin.  Larson has only known one thing in his four-plus years of politics — attacking Walker from the left with support from labor and blogs cheering him along the way.

Those who were hoping for “compromise” going into the 2013-2015 legislative session are going to be seriously disappointed.

3) Finally, will the press be going through Larson’s Twitter feed say…during floor sessions?  He’s a rather prolific tweeter after all, and well-known to go after his opponents while they’re speaking.  Will be interesting to see if he’s saying one thing online and another when the microphone is in his hand…

King Finally Concedes

Nah, I shouldn’t say anything.  It might get my sister uninvited from a Christmas party or something.  Hell, DPW 2nd Vice Chair Jef Hall still won’t openly admit that one of my older brothers was his roommate once.

(Oh, the crazy utterances my brother told me Jef would say when he thought no one was listening…)

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