Has the DCCC Bailed on WI-07 WI-08?

Need to con­firm this news, but Matt Mack­owiak is a con­nected GOP con­sul­tant in Texas and tends not to be wrong about these sorts of things.  He’s often quoted as a source by Politico.

If he’s right, then it pretty much says the DCCC has deter­mined that Pat Kreitlow’s on his own and will likely lose to fresh­man Cong. Sean Duffy. The amus­ing part for me about that news is that it’s shown that “capper’s” lit­tle push this past week­end on anti-Duffy posts appear to be a last minute oppo drop of a flail­ing cam­paign.  (Just a guess, but hey, who else would Zielin­ski send it to for eyeballs?)

But hey, Liebs got to post a decade-plus old naked pic­ture of Duffy which was explained as “youth­ful idiocy” years ago.  Must have been on our favorite AFSCME hack’s bucket list.

Bit of an insight into the other seats.  NC-08 is cur­rently held by a Demo­c­rat, but redis­trict­ing in North Car­olina has made it much more Repub­li­can.  The Cook Polit­i­cal Report ranks the seat for this Novem­ber as “Leans Republican.”

FL-18 is the seat held by for­mer Army Lt. Col. Allen West, he has been a tar­get for many uber-liberals who hate the very thought of a black con­ser­v­a­tive.  Cook has the race as “Repub­li­can Toss-up.”

UPDATE:  Roll Call con­firms two of the three Mack­owiak lists, FL-18 and NC-08.  Noth­ing yet how­ever on WI-07.

The Demo­c­ra­tic Con­gres­sional Cam­paign Com­mit­tee can­celed a week of air­time in Rep. Allen West’s (R-Fla.) dis­trict start­ing Oct. 9, accord­ing to mul­ti­ple sources track­ing the buy.

Democ­rats cite a sub­stan­tial House Major­ity PAC buy — $1 mil­lion over a few weeks includ­ing Oct. 9 — as the rea­son they pulled their reser­va­tion in the West Palm Beach mar­ket that week.

It’s almost never a good sign when a com­mit­tee cuts air­time for a can­di­date. The can­cel­la­tion comes on the heels of the DCCC’s move to can­cel a sec­ond week­long buy for Rep. Larry Kissell’s (D-N.C.) tough re-election bid.

But unlike Kissell’s bid, the Florida race remains com­pet­i­tive — at least com­pared with other Demo­c­ra­tic pickup oppor­tu­ni­ties (Roll Call rates it as Leans Repub­li­can). And the DCCC has given no other indi­ca­tion that it’s ready to give up on the race, either.

I’ll keep looking.

UPDATE II Appar­ently, it’s not WI-07 the DCCC and oth­ers run­ning ads are aban­don­ing, it’s WI-08.  Which frankly, makes more sense to me at this point in the cam­paign.  At least, that’s what Moe Lane of Red­State was able to uncover.

The Ser­vice Employ­ees Inter­na­tional Union has can­celed a pre­vi­ously sched­uled tele­vi­sion ad buy in sup­port of busi­ness­man Jamie Wall’s (D) chal­lenge of Rep. Reid Ribble ®.

Roll Call has learned from a source mon­i­tor­ing Wis­con­sin adver­tis­ing mar­kets that the union will no longer fol­low through with its approx­i­mately $130,000 reser­va­tion in the Green Bay media mar­ket, which cov­ers the 8th dis­trict. But the same source noted that the Demo­c­ra­tic Con­gres­sional Cam­paign Com­mit­tee is still sched­uled to go on tele­vi­sion in Green Bay on Oct. 9.

The House Major­ity PAC, a Demo­c­ra­tic super PAC, had pre­vi­ously can­celed a $130,000 tele­vi­sion ad-buy reser­va­tion in mid-September.

A buy by Octo­ber 9th is prac­ti­cally a promise to pull the money later.  Time will tell if they do.

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