Biden’s Two Gaffes in Eau Claire

First of all, good to see that it wasn’t hard to get 3,000 peo­ple on a col­lege cam­pus.  You start to won­der if my alma mater is inca­pable of pulling it off, then you remem­ber it’s a col­lege cam­pus and you move on.

So of course, Vice Pres­i­dent Biden was in Eau Claire today, and accord­ing to the report, nat­u­rally made some gaffes.

Here’s where they were:

Biden was pre­ceded by Sen. Kath­leen Vine­out, D-Alma, and 7th CD can­di­date Pat Kre­it­low. Biden told those in atten­dance to vote for Kre­it­low, though he mis­pro­nounced his name.

My guess is it was “Kreet-Low?”  Yeah, I know those Ger­man names are so tough, aren’t they?  Espe­cially for the crowd in the East Coast…I should know.

Way to be prepped there Mr. Vice President.

Sec­ondly, the cam­pus of UW-Eau Claire and the over­whelm­ing major­ity of Eau Claire County are in the 3rd Con­gres­sional Dis­trict, not the 7th where Kre­it­low is run­ning.  Has been like that for decades.

Hardly any­one in the gym­na­sium today will end up being eli­gi­ble to vote for Kreitlow.

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