Random Thoughts on the RNC

- My favorite speech of the three nights was Florida Sen­a­tor Marco Rubio’s.  He would have been a much more stel­lar keynote address maker than New Jer­sey Gov. Chris Christie.

- Noth­ing against Christie’s speech, if had it’s moments (espe­cially his lines on school choice and school reform), but keynotes are sup­posed to be about what the ideals of the party are and how they are exem­pli­fied in the nom­i­nee. Christie did fine in the first part, but seemed to for­get he was there to pro­mote Mitt Romney.

- Going with the above, and how much Bill Clin­ton hates Barack Obama, you won­der how the hell he’s going to be able to stop him­self from being all “Remem­ber me?  Remem­ber how awe­some I was?  LOVE ME!” next Tuesday.

- Ann Rom­ney was stel­lar.  She truly is the secret weapon she was said to be.

- She may never be Pres­i­dent of the United States some­day, but I really hope Condi Rice is elected to pub­lic office in the future.  She is intel­li­gent, full of grace, and a mod­ern woman in every sense of the phrase.

- The War of Talk­ing Points over Paul Ryan and the Janesville GM plant amuses me.  Lib­er­als are fight­ing about try­ing to deter­mine a time­line, all the while con­ser­v­a­tive are going…“You know that plant is still closed right?  You’re com­plain­ing about ‘When’ and not about ‘How do we get those peo­ple in Janesville back to work?’  How in the tank for Barack Obama are you that you’d rather fight seman­tics than accept the real­ity on the ground?”

- Part of the rea­son why the left if try­ing to dem­a­gogue the Ryan speech is that few peo­ple if ever remem­ber any­thing from a vice pres­i­den­tial nominee’s speech?  Do you remem­ber any­thing about Biden’s from 2008?  I don’t?  Cheney’s in 2000? Me either.  By try­ing to put the “liar” moniker on the press is try­ing to do all they can to help Biden out in a Vice Pres­i­den­tial debate he is likely to get clubbed to death in.  10–11-12 will be a fun night.

– The Oparowskis are gen­uine peo­ple.  God bless them. May God keep the soul of their son David until they are rejoined with him in the next life.  Their story showed what kind of a guy Mitt Rom­ney is when no one is watch­ing.  That’s the kind of guy all of us should hope to be someday.

- Everyone’s try­ing to call Clint East­wood a senile, old man after last night’s speech.  Frankly, I’ve seen stranger $#!+ done by Will Far­rell in the name of com­edy and he’s sup­posed to be some sort of “left-wing comic genius.”

- My only riff with the East­wood thing was that it should have been done ear­lier — I would have switched him with the Olympic ath­letes in the night’s cal­en­dar if I ran the show, Mike “Rizzo” Eruzione and Derek Parra were great  — and that it was too cute by half.  Some­one in back must have been like, “Hey, it’s Clint East­wood.  Let the man do what he wants!  We’re the Repub­li­can Party, the one Hol­ly­wood hates, vil­lainizes in their prod­ucts, and labels “uncool.”  When are we going to get an “A-lister” like East­wood again?”

- But all-in-all, what he said was dead on“I haven’t cried that hard since I found out that there’s 23 mil­lion unem­ployed peo­ple. That is some­thing to cry for, because that is a dis­grace, a national dis­grace, and we haven’t done enough, this admin­is­tra­tion hasn’t done enough to cure that.” — It’s true.  Chal­lenge it with facts and logic if you dare!

- Or this? — “It’s not politi­cians own­ing [this coun­try], politi­cians are employ­ees of ours.” — Curse the man out for point­ing out the essence of our very democracy!

- And this? — “I never thought it was a good idea for attor­neys to be pres­i­dent any­way… I think maybe it’s time for a businessman.”

Yeah…I don’t know how the hell that one would ever work to anyone’s advantage…

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