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Random Thoughts and Quick Hits Before the 4th of July Holiday

First, the Quick Hits…

The “CPAC Kid”

I swear, this is the same spoiled, little punk who in 2009 had me turning to Hackbarth in the bloggers’ lounge when he spoke on early Saturday morning of the con and going to Sean, “Hey, what the hell is a kid doing on stage?”

Honestly, I saw this “Gotcha!” story coming then.  At 13 few of us have anything in stone ideologically other than our love for our local sports teams (or at least the teams our fathers’ follow).  I’m pretty sure I can remember that at 13 I was pro-life, was slightly pro-choice in college, and was back to being pro-life by the time I was 24.

Life is a series of evolutions.  Though something tells me Politico won’t be checking in on this kid when he’s 30 and see where he is politically then.

My guess is right now he’s in that “Rebel from Mom and Dad” phase.  Political thinking tends to change once responsibility sets in.  It also changes when you realize the two people who raised you might have been onto something with all that they’ve been telling you over the years.

And since this kid’s going to be a “philosophy and film making major,” he’s gonna need all the help he can get in the years to come.

The “What Has Two Thumbs and…” Joke Has Reached Its Breaking Point

I loved the show “Scrubs.”  (There is no 9th Season…)

This is one of the best jokes to probably ever come out of the show.

That being said, it’s getting old when people either overuse it or use it inappropriately.  America, please don’t kill what was a great one-liner by turning it into a douche move reserved only for college frat boys.

Anderson Cooper is Gay

Yeah, who didn’t know?

My 71 year old mother once asked me if Cooper was gay when I stopped by my parents house while she was watching his afternoon talk show during the week of Christmas. (I remember pointing out they filmed his show at CNN Center off of NYC’s Columbus Circle given the view from the studio windows.  In 2007, I once stayed at a hotel just down the street.)

So if my own mother could see that he was gay, who didn’t?

The EPA has Spy Planes…and They’re Targeting Farmers

Good to know the “bovine flatulence” nutters on global warming are now running the Environmental Protection Agency…and they have spy planes.

Midwest ranchers have never been enamored with environmental regulators, but they really began to complain after learning that federal inspectors were flying over their land to look for problems.

The Environmental Protection Agency flies over power plants and other facilities nationwide to identify potential air, water and land pollution. It began using aerial surveillance in the Midwest in 2010 to check farms for violations of federal clean water regulations.

Ranchers who object to the program said they’re not trying to hide anything. It’s the quiet approach the EPA took with the program designed to spot illegal disposal of animal waste that they find upsetting. Most were not even aware of the flyovers until regional EPA officials mentioned it at a meeting three months ago.

“For me, it just creeps into the ‘Big Brother is watching you’ area, to where the government just feels like it’s getting more and more intrusive,” said Buck Wehrbein, who manages a cattle feeding operation in Mead, Neb., about 30 miles west of Omaha.

EPA officials explained during a meeting with ranchers in West Point, Neb., that they lease small planes that fly EPA staffers over cattle operations. The staffers take photographs as they seek evidence of illegal animal waste running off into rivers and streams.

Why I Don’t Frequent Poker Sites

Yeah, crap like this can happen.

United States law enforcement arrested Full Tilt Poker’s chief executive, Ray Bitar, on charges that Full Tilt was being run like a Ponzi scheme. Bitar voluntarily surrendered in New York City, Forbes reported.

Bitar returned from Full Tilt’s headquarters in Ireland to John F. Kennedy International Airport, where the FBI arrested him on Monday.

“I know that a lot of people are very angry at me. I understand why. Full Tilt should never have gotten into a position where it could not repay player funds,” Bitar said.

Bitar faces a potential 145 years in prison if he is convicted on all counts.

Federal authorities say Full Tilt Poker owes players over $350 million in winnings.

Random Thoughts

– It says something that those who say they want government out of the bedroom are often the same folks who are all for government sticking a finger up their butt in a medical examination room…

– Just once I’d like a liberal to admit during a debate that “Health Care Reform” isn’t about a perceived “right” to health care and is actually about having someone else pay the costs for a bunch of free loaders.  In a way, those calling for “Medicare for All” are the most honest one out there on the left during this entire debate.

– Someone today told me that there was an idea to turn parts of Detroit’s rundown and abandon areas into a “zombie” themed amusement park.  I’m pretty sure the zombies were already there long before any development begins.

– The Brewers bullpen is just horrific.

– Sort of have to laugh at those liberals freaking out about the state pension fund and “rumored” changes to it.  I mean, you could be working in Illinois, where state legislators robbed their fund to pay other bills (same as California), but when the idea of having individual employees — not appointed fund managers — decide their investments public employee union hacks go insane.  Are you all that afraid of living like the rest of us who have 401Ks?

– I wonder if the Texas Senate GOP primary (July 31st) will end up hurting Mark Neumann.  Reason why I say that is the Club for Growth will be a player there too and despite what most liberals think, resources are finite.

– Was asked the other day when I thought “Wisconsin Reporter” had arrived?  I told them it was last year when the Cap Times former editor-in-chief Dave Zweifel spent an entire column attacking us as “partisan news” when few even knew we were around.  I don’t know if it ever dawned on Zweifel the irony in his own words given how the Cap Times was founded to be nothing more than (yet another) Madison publication meant to support the agenda of “Fighting Bob” La Follette nearly a century ago.

Projection anyone?

– Today’s Sign the End is Nigh: Barbarella is available now on Blu-Ray.  Because we all want to be reminded that Jane Fonda’s first (and French) husband was really just making a porno back then…in HD!

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  • Couple of thoughts. As to Anderson Cooper, who cares? The question never entered my mind, as I’m not fixated on it. The left seems to think it somehow noble to ‘de-closet’ yourself. It’s just an attention getting mechanism. It has nothing to do with, nor will it change the fact that he’s boring. 

    I agree with you on the CPAC kid. He’s just that, a kid! When I was a kid, I thought Carter got a bum rap! Kids are stupid, the sky is blue, water is (usually) wet, in deference to Elliot.

    What is this fixation with zombies? 

    I love it when partisan hacks call news services they don’t like ‘partisan’. Hypocrisy of the sanctimonious.