The Circular Theory of “Political Crazy” Strikes Again

Those who know me and get me talk­ing about polit­i­cal the­ory will find that I don’t believe in the stan­dard “Foot­ball Field” the­ory of politics.

That the­ory is pretty sim­ple.  Image pol­i­tics as a foot­ball field.  Most mod­er­ates and apo­lit­i­cal peo­ple are at the 50-yard line.  Each side’s respec­tive bases are then at the 35-yard line and with those “really out there” are sup­posed to be near the goal lines.

My the­ory is that pol­i­tics is not lin­ear.  It’s circular.

At the south­ern pole are the “nor­mal, mod­er­ate, apo­lit­i­cal” peo­ple.  At the east­ern and west­ern poles are the lib­eral and con­ser­v­a­tive bases and at the north­ern is just the area I like to call “Bat $#!+ Crazy.”   At the “Bat $#!+ Crazy” area of the cir­cle, you find all the cranks, con­spir­acy the­o­rists, and lord only knows what…all of whom seem to sub­scribe to the idea that the Jews con­trol the world, that racial pol­i­tics mat­ter reign supreme and so on.

Here’s where you’ll find folks like Jesse Jack­son, Pat Buchanan, the New Black Pan­ther Party, the John Birch Soci­ety, and on and on.

Let’s add two more to their ranks: David Duke, and this Harlem Democrat.

For­mer KKK Grand Wiz­ard and mem­ber of the Louisiana Leg­is­la­ture David Duke released a video yes­ter­day endors­ing Charles Bar­ron in his race for Brooklyn’s 8th Con­gres­sional dis­trict against Assem­bly­man Hakeem Jef­fries. Mr. Bar­ron, a mem­ber of the City Coun­cil and for­mer mem­ber of the Black Pan­ther Party who, over the years, has made a series of con­tro­ver­sial state­ments against Israel and in sup­port of African dic­ta­tors Muam­mar Qaddafi. He would seem to be an odd choice for a self-described “white nation­al­ist” like Mr. Duke, but in the video, Mr. Duke explains that he thinks Mr. Jef­fries has “sold his soul to the inter­na­tional Zio-bankers” while Mr. Barron’s strong past crit­i­cisms of Israel out­weigh their other differences.

In a race for Con­gress between an anti-Zionist black activist and a black activist who is a bought and paid for Zion­ist Uncle Tom, I’ll take the anti-Zionist any day,” Mr. Duke says in the video. “In this elec­tion of lim­ited choices, I believe that Charles Bar­ron is the best choice. Why? Because I think there’s no greater dan­ger fac­ing the United States of Amer­ica and fac­ing the world than the unbri­dled power of Zion­ist glob­al­ism. … Charles Bar­ron stands against that power. If I lived in New York City, I would cer­tainly vote for Charles Barron.”

Mr. Duke begins his video by not­ing that Mr. Bar­ron has been labeled the “David Duke of New York City” by his polit­i­cal opponents.

I should really sub­mit my the­ory to some­one like Charles Franklin.  You know, for a peer review or some­thing like that.

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  • dad29

    Your the­ory is cor­rect, although some might argue about who you include (or exclude) in the bat-shit crazy camp.

  • steveegg

    I guess the peer review is complete.