Facts are Stubborn Things in Florida Voter Roll Purge

All this time, we’ve been told the action by Florida GOP Gov. Rick Scott would unduly effect young vot­ers, elderly vot­ers, His­panic vot­ers, and black vot­ers.  Well, a week into it and…it’s only effect­ing a lot of reg­is­tered Republicans.

(Some­where at MSNBC, the DOJ, and the DNC, heads are explod­ing.  A la “Scan­ners.” )

If the illegal-immigrant voter purge effort was aimed at remov­ing Democ­rats from the state’s voter rolls, it may be back­fir­ing so far.

Of the first 107 names reported purged by the state’s 67 county elec­tion super­vi­sors through late last week, a Polit­i­cal Pulse analy­sis was able to iden­tify 94 from voter reg­is­tra­tion rolls. Of those, 33 were Repub­li­cans and 32 were Democ­rats. Another 25 were offi­cially “no party affil­i­a­tion” and the remain­ing four were of other or of unknown party affiliation.

Repub­li­cans might have shown up so often because most of the aggres­sive purge efforts were con­ducted in Republican-rich coun­ties, par­tic­u­larly Lee County. There, elec­tion super­vi­sor Sharon Har­ring­ton dropped 41 voters.

Democratic-dominated Miami-Dade County was next with 13 purged vot­ers, while Republican-leaning Col­lier (eight) and Mar­ion (seven) coun­ties were next. Other sig­nif­i­cant purges were in Broward (five,) and Osce­ola and Pinel­las coun­ties (four each.)

Those seven coun­ties elim­i­nated 32 of the 33 Repub­li­cans purged statewide, among those which could be iden­ti­fied by Pulse. Those coun­ties also purged 26 of the 32 Democrats.

The purge took out 41 white, non-Hispanic vot­ers, 33 His­panic vot­ers and eight black, non-Hispanic vot­ers, with the rest being either other races, or unknown. It also took out 55 men and 36 women, with the rest not iden­ti­fy­ing a gender.

Hon­estly, I think a sim­i­lar idea for Wisconsin’s voter rolls wouldn’t be the worst idea ever.  It’s no secret that GAB has lit­tle to no con­trol over the qual­ity of voter reg­is­tra­tion data in this state.  It’s also no secret that some munic­i­pal­i­ties (Madi­son comes to mind the most), have lit­tle to no oblig­a­tion to coop­er­ate with GAB when it comes to the accu­racy of their lists and they never comply.

Also, the state’s vot­ing records web­site and data­base are a farce.  Lib­er­als know this fact well.  Or do I need to remind them about a failed attempt to make it look like Ron John­son didn’t vote, and the con­ser­v­a­tive response by point out accord­ing to the GAB Russ Fein­gold never voted for him­self in 1992?


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